Our CMS allows for the reporting, rectification and monitoring of all defects, nil defects, and the scheduling and notification of vehicle maintenance and inspections

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Identify defects

All checks are sent in real time, allowing you to act quickly in the event of defect reports

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Generate reports

Comprehensive reports include all details relating to checks and their outcomes, including historical checks

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Schedule work

With full visibility over the status of your vehicles, servicing and maintenance can be scheduled accordingly

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Our system is completely secure and all data is sealed from editing, providing an end-to-end audit trail

Quickly determine defects

Get detailed information about the location of each check, the amount of time it took, how many checks passed and failed, and view complete end-to-end audit trails which capture the failures reported.

Identify vehicles checked

See at a glance which vehicles have already been checked, view all details relating to each vehicle and access the entire history of inspection reports.

Complete monitoring & reporting

Monitoring the maintenance of your fleet has never been easier. Our system utilises a range of reporting tools so that you can view vehicle KPIs easily, and all reports can be viewing online or downloaded for further analysis.

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