Use our innovative smartphone app to identify hazards, assess risk, take action, and review reports, on site and in real time.

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Real-time reporting

View risk reports in real-time, allowing you to act fast

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Secure data storage

All data is stored securely on our server, and is entirely tamper-proof once submitted

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Close call feature

Report close calls for staff training and future development

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Risk matrix

See risk summaries at a glance and prioritise tasks accordingly

Dynamic risk

Assessment app

Digitally record and report any safety hazards or workplace risks in real time at the touch of a button with our handy mobile app.

  • Intuitive layout and simple app navigation
  • Record unexpected risk events in our secure system
  • Log close calls for future staff training
CheckedSafe Portal
For the management

Our risk management system

Our intuitive system allows you to access a detailed overview of all completed risk assessments, generate comprehensive and accurate risk reports for quality monitoring, and investigate any risk events and review the actions taken so that you can continue to make improvements to your internal processes.

  • Monitor safe systems of work and ensure all industry regulations are being met
  • Review workplace performance via our backoffice dashboard
  • Investigate workplace incidents, generate reports, and review actions taken

Dynamic Risk Assessment User Guide

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