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Pre Trial/Sales Question
  • The free trial is for 30 days, this enables you to fully evaluate the CheckedSafe App and compliance solution throughout your fleet.

  • No not at all, we don’t limit the number of users, vehicles or checks you can whilst on the trial.

    We do not limit the extent of the trial in any way. We take the view that if you are intending to buy some software then you should be able to test all aspects of it before making a decision to buy. For that reason we allow full use of the system even for trial purposes.

  • Not at all, our directors are from the transport industry and legal profession, who developed CheckedSafe with their experience of the issues surrounding the industry relating to daily walk round checks and compliance issues.

    They wanted a simple but effective solution to eradicate the issue of either non-compliance or partial compliance with the legislation.

    The CheckedSafe App was developed from both an experienced operators point of view with detailed knowledge of the problems and a legal perspective as opposed to a speculative add on afterthought to an existing software platform as so many of our competitors seem to do.

    Above all we wanted to make sure that the App and system was simple to use. We believe from the feedback from our thousands of customers we have achieved that aim.

  • Yes. In short the data is yours and we offer different ways of exporting your data. This can be done by individual or combined check(s), vehicle(s) or user(s).

    You can also export fleet trend analysis and KPI reporting.

    Data can be exported in a number of formats being PDF, Excel or CSV files.

  • We use Amazon S3 servers, all transfer of data between our client interfaces (mobile app and CMS) and our cloud-based systems are encrypted with Transport Layer Security over HTTPS. Our database system is also duplicated over several geographical areas to maximise uptime.

  • Yes, this enables company-depot-multi depot visibility for top tier admin users who need to see all of the fleet at a glance.

  • Yes, we have a resting API which is available to you, please contact us for more information.

  • Yes, you can, we often work with clients who wish to check other areas of their businesses digitally, the reduction of paper and increased efficiencies gained by using CheckedsSafe as seen many of our clients streamline their operation and reduce costs.

    In addition the free document storage that we offer allows you to become paperless which enables greater efficiency in your business.

  • We offer all our clients the option to tailor the checks (at no extra cost) to their business requirements and there are 2 options:

    Defect Reporting

    As you are probably aware there is a minimum requirement for daily walk round checks and as such we are quite strict about what the daily check has to contain especially given our position relative to the DVSA. However, if there are other questions that you require that are bespoke to you that are over and above the minimum required then we can easily add these for you to any checklist.

    Non Compliance Checks/ General Checklists

    Many of our clients will throughout the day undertake other checks on the vehicle or its contents, this could be an “End of Day” check, “Cleaning Check” or “Equipment” check and as these don’t fall into the compliance remit, we can add and remove almost anything.

    In reality we can create a checklist for virtually anything you wish

  • We monitor closely the DVSA regulations and updates. We have regular contact with them since we are an IT Systems Provider for the ER Scheme. We have correspondence from the DVSA that confirms our system satisfies their guidelines.

    With the  DVSA being a government organisation, they stop short of endorsing us (or anyone else for that matter) as we are a commercial organisation. That said we are officially a DVSA Earned Recognition IT Systems Provider.

  • CheckedSafe is very lightweight and by way of example:

    A Nil Defect Report:

    This check would normally be completed with only 1 image taken (Registration Plate) and is typically around 200kb

    A Defect Report:

    Similar to above but with 2 more images of a particular defect is typically around 350kb

    Unlike when you take a picture on your smart phone which can often be around 3mb, we compress the images that are sent to our server which enables the check and images to be sent with the minimum use of data.

Cost And Subscription
  • Believe it or not, this quite a common question.

    Back in 2014 when our Digital Defect Reporting App was born, we looked at the different pricing models below:

    • Goldilocks Pricing: Good-Better-Best Packages at different prices.
    • Pay Per Task: Each task you undertake incur’s different charges.
    • Freemium to Premium: Basic free version with premium functionality being chargeable.

    We decided to keep it simple, and decided that we would offer an inclusive compliance solution for only £1 (€1.25) per week per vehicle.

    This compares very favourably with a paper-based system which our research revealed costs between £1.50 – £2.00 per week per vehicle.

  • Currently, all the updates you receive are free, you are free to use as much or as little as you like of the system without any changes to the pricing.

    We pride ourselves on what we can offer for £1 (€1.25) per week per vehicle but we can’t rule out any additional charges for new services in the future. If this was to happen, you would have the option to stay on your current subscription or upgrade.

  • Feel free to use the “Dedicated Vehicle File” or “Employee Records” without restrictions. We don’t charge for storage.

  • No, we offer free online training and support for any one trialling or using the CheckedSafe system.

    We can offer on-site training or toolbox talks if you prefer. Please ask us about this and we can discuss any costs with you.

  • No, we don’t charge a set up fee.

  • If you add additional vehicles onto the CheckedSafe system, we will simply add the new vehicle(s) to your next invoice.

    Similarly, if you “End” a vehicle or the vehicle is marked as “VOR” you will not be charged, we only charge for live vehicles in the system.

  • More often than not our clients will have more drivers/user than vehicles and to charge per user would make the system cost prohibitive and since the system is vehicle based it makes more sense to charge per vehicle.

  • For £1 (€1.25) per week per vehicle, you will have access to the following.

    • Defect Reporting and Rectification
    • Compliance Management
    • Fleet Maintenance
    • Unlimited Document Storage
    • Earned Recognition Reporting (If you require)
  • We like to keep thing simple and we think that maintaining compliance should not be cost prohibitive but we still need to eat so we charge £1 (€1.25) per week per vehicle. This compares with approximately £1.50 – £2.00 per week using paper.

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