Get complete visibility of all lone workers in your team with the CheckedSafe lone worker hub.

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SOS red alart

Get help out to your staff in the event of an SOS with live red alert notifications

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Welfare checks

Lone working staff can confirm their welfare regularly at the touch of a button

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Worker down

Tracked by motion-sensor technology, our system will send an alert in the event of a fall

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Group notifications

Send urgent alerts and critical information to a whole team of lone workers in emergency situations

Loneworker App
For the workers

Real-time alerts & mobile tracking

Available on iOS and Android, our easy-to-use mobile app is packed with a range of intuitive features to protect your lone working staff, allowing for direct communication with the office so that assistance can be provided quickly when required.

  • Live panic alerts and worker down function
  • Regular welfare checks for peace of mind
  • Real-time location logs with accurate GPS pinpointing
LoneWorker Portal
For the office

Comprehensive reporting

Monitor lone working staff at every stage. Our lone worker hub offers clear visibility over every lone worker on shift, with GPS location tracking, real-time reporting and live alerts, enabling you to act fast when help is needed.

  • Live location tracking and lone worker status
  • Group notification functionality for communication with the whole team
  • Downloadable events reports for KPI analysis

Lone Worker User Guide

SOS alerts

When the SOS alert is triggered, the lone worker monitoring team will be notified immediately via email and/or the lone worker hub. Important information such as the lone worker’s current location and telephone number will also be sent so that the alert can be verified, and assistance sent directly to them if required.

Welfare checks

Our welfare check feature allows you to check in regularly with your staff, and can be actioned by the lone worker themselves, or requested by the monitoring team. The lone worker simply confirms their welfare by pressing “Check in” or replying to a check-in request, giving them peace of mind that they’re being monitored by your team.

Worker down

Using the motion-sensor technology within a mobile device, our app can monitor a lone worker’s position and orientation, sending an alert if they’re static for a long period of time. An alert will also be triggered in the event of a fall, allowing you to react quickly and send out emergency help if it’s needed.

Group notifications

Our group-wide notifications feature enables you to warn groups of lone workers of any hazards they may potentially come into contact with, and advise on how they can be avoided. With group notifications, line managers and supervisors can send critical and urgent alerts to workers in the event of an emergency.

Group notifications can be used in various circumstances to alert or update staff – for instance, if a severe weather warning has been issued, or there is a terror alert in a particular geographical area.

Only £1 per worker, per week

£1 per worker, per week is all you’ll ever pay! We pride ourselves on our system, our service, and the transparency of our pricing. You’ll find no sign-up fees, extra changes, or costs adding up in the background. Whether you’ve got a team of two or 200, we’ll always only charge you £1 per worker, per week.

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