16th March 2020

Gary Hawthorne, Co-Founder and Director of CheckedSafe appointed Fellow of Society of Engineers

It is with great pleasure that we announce that our Co-Founder/Director Gary Hawthorne has been appointed as Fellow of the Society of Operations Engineers this is fantastic news for Gary and ourselves. Hard work and 30 years of dedication to Road Transport has rewarded Gary with this appointment.

About SOE

Society of Operations Engineers (SOE) serves 16,000 qualified professionals in over 40 countries worldwide. Their members inspect, maintain, and manage the machinery and equipment which keeps society functioning; it could be an escalator in a shopping centre, a modern biomass plant generating renewable energy for homes, or the HGV and bus fleets which keep economies and people moving. The safe and sustainable operation of all these essential functions fall under the remit of professional operations engineers.

As one of 35 Professional Engineering Institutions (PEI) in the UK, SOE has the responsibility to support individuals and organisations to operate in safe working environments, using modern practices, in a technically proficient way.

Gary Hawthorne Co-Founder and Director of CheckedSafe:Gary said “I’m truly honoured to become a Fellow of the Society of Engineers (FSOE), working in the transport sector for over 30 years, I have seen many changes over the years and the industry has had to quickly adopt new technologies, this for me has made it an exciting and interesting challenge. My membership of the Society has helped me keep my professional knowledge up to date and ensure I have met the standards of a Professional Engineering Institution”

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