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CheckedSafe Compliance Management System (CMS)

Maintaining a safer fleet is made simple when you use CheckedSafe, our vehicle compliance solution aids the reporting, rectification and monitoring of all defects, nil defects and the scheduling and notification of vehicle maintenance and inspections.

CheckedSafe Vehicle Compliance App and Compliance Management System combines a powerful defect reporting and maintenance system with added functions such as regular safety inspection scheduler and vehicle/document storage to automate your daily management processes.

You can quickly Identify outstanding defects, maintenance tasks, vehicle and driver documents on your desktop or mobile from anywhere (internet connection required). Set up notifications and reminders for either vehicle or driver so you never miss and important date.

View reports that help you quickly and easily keep on top of your fleets’ compliance. The intuitive and real time reporting functionality allows for quick and easy interrogation of reports from a ‘dashboard’ overview to the finer detail, enabling you to access reports at the click of a button and making it easier to identify potential issues with either the driver defect reporting or vehicle maintenance.

All reports can be viewed, printed or downloaded for further analysis and can cover a range of areas including safety defects, comparisons by depot and driver frequency.

Checkedsafe CMS Features

Smart, Simple And User Friendly!
  • Clear End To End Audit Trail

    Full compliancy process audit from defect reporting through to repair. Add notes, serviceable remarks and clear defects.

  • Tamper Proof

    Once data is recorded on the Checkedsafe App, it cannot be altered in any way as it is a fully secured service.

  • Easy Access To Data

    24/7 access to records for both management and enforcement purposes from any internet compatible device… and manage your fleet with ease.

  • Inspection And Servicing

    Quick and effective Inspection, Service and PMI Templates for HGV,PSV, (PCV) LGV, which can be used by internal or external engineers.

  • Schedule And Notifications

    Schedule important service dates and intervals, set notifications to be reminded and see upcoming events.

  • Document Storage

    Enables you to upload vehicle details, inspections and driver records, which are securely stored online and accessible 24/7 from any location.

Defect Reporting And Rectification

Quickly Determine Defects And Nil-Defects

The Checkedsafe CMS provides comprehensive reporting from all the Checkedsafe App’s and all other data captured for its applications.

Get detailed information about the location of your check, the time it took, how many checks passed or failed and complete audit trails of what happened to the failures that were reported.

All checks are sent in real time to the CheckedSafe CMS and all failed checks will generate an automatic alert which is sent to the Transport/line manager to action.

  • No Defects
  • Active Defects
  • Serviceable Defects
  • Vehicles Checked
  • Vehicles Not Checked

Identify Vehicles And Assets Checked

Quickly see which vehicles have been checked and which vehicles haven’t, view the vehicle registrations, vehicle details and the last check applicable to that registration.

You can view the entire history of either a vehicle or a driver with regard to their checks using the range of reporting tools.

Data captured is in line with DVSA guidelines and is contemporaneous and non-editable.

Record Action Taken To Remedy And Defects

By using CheckedSafe, a driver completes their check using the App, once the check is finished, all the information collected during the check is sent to our secure server, the passed and failed information is sent directly to the back office, any defects will automatically be flagged and you will be notified in real time. Instead of sifting through 100 paper vehicles checks you can simply focus on the two with actual defects thus making better use of your time only examining defective vehicles (that alone makes you 98% more efficient as you not looking at 100 checks). Because the system is cloud based all data is available 24/7/365 meaning that at any point you can identify outstanding defects and/or serviceable defects.


Full audit trail from initial defect reporting through to repair. Add notes, serviceable remarks and clear defects. All data is date and time stamped so you see what was checked, when and by whom.


Back Office Notes:

Back office notes are recorded on the original check, these can be done by either the transport manager, engineer or an administrator. All actions and comments are date and time stamped with the specific users identification and clearly demonstrates what action they took to rectify the defect. This creates a full and clear audit trail.

Initial Defect

Quickly identify the defect reported by the driver/user, the reason for the defect and view the images that were taken to corroborate the defect.

Serviceable Remarks

Adding a note acknowledges that you are aware of the vehicle/asset defect however, it is still roadworthy and you have noted the reason why. The note input is communicated to the driver who does the next check on that vehicle.

Clear Defects

Once you are happy that the vehicle/asset is fit for service, you can simply add comments to the “Clear Defect” as to why.

Add Notes

You can add as many notes as you like, add copy invoices for work carried out to rectify the defect, note any delays and other add other comments.

  • Inspection, Service And PMI Checks

    Quick and effective Inspection, Service and PMI Templates for HGV,PSV, (PCV) LGV, which can be used by internal or external engineers.

  • Maintenance History

    Full reporting system gives rapid access to maintenance records, show a full defect, service and maintenance history per vehicle/asset when you store your maintenance records with checkedsafe.

  • Schedule And Notifications

    Schedule important service dates and intervals, set notifications to be reminded and see upcoming events.

Regular Safety Inspections

Regular safety inspections are essential for an effective roadworthiness maintenance system. These should ideally be undertaken as a separate, albeit often sequential, operation to routine manufacturer recommended servicing and repair.

This provides the maintenance programme with the flexibility to intensify or otherwise change the frequency of inspections. As such vehicles are better maintained and retain their value for longer.

The data captured is recorded in the CheckedSafe CMS where you can view past and upcoming inspection details, schedule and plan Ad hoc inspections or document a unplanned service inspection.

Monitor And Reporting

Easily monitor your depot or multi-depots with our reporting tools, all reports can be viewed online or downloaded for further analysis.

Thoroughly investigate any areas of noncompliance, and Identify risk patterns, driver issues and vehicle defect patterns. Generate a Fleet report by specific date(s), Vehicle or individual defect.

Ensure corrective action is taken to prevent any recurrence.

  • View And Export

    View all passed, failed defects and rectifications, print a detailed check report or export for further analysis.

  • KPI's

    Use KPI’s to measure how well your fleet is performing against company goals and DVSA Vehicle compliance guidelines.

  • Monitor Single Or Multi Depots

    With CheckeSafe you can quickly view all your depots or a specific depot in the dashboard. View vehicles, drivers and generate reports for your full fleet or an individual depot.


Checkedsafe CMS Dashboard

  • Dashboard

    Quick overview of your vehicles fit for service, vehicles with defects, vehicles checked and user completed checks.

  • Team

    View all your drivers and users, create and edit new users or disable them*. Assign specific checks to different drivers.

  • Vehicles And Assests

    View all your vehicles and Assets, create and edit new ones*. Mark a vehicle off road (VOR) or enter an end date if the vehicle or asset is sold.

  • Checks

    View defect reports pass or failed, see time taken to complete and movement around the vehicle. Add any notes and rectification notes to the individual check.

  • Schedule And Notifications

    Schedule important service dates and intervals, set notifications to be reminded and see upcoming events.

  • Reports

    View all passed, failed defects and rectifications, create trend reports, print a detailed check or export the report for further analysis.

*Driver/Users and Vehicles/Assets can not be deleted from the system as the information maybe required by the DVSA at a later date

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