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Going from digital to digital

Allen Transport had already been using a digital defect reporting system for a while but felt it wasn’t working for them.

Although on the face of it, it seemed to cover all the bases, it soon became apparent that there were some shortfalls with the system, fed up with so-called “workaround’s” and the empty promises of “Coming Soon” they started to look at other solution providers.

Research Led to CheckedSafe

Peter Allen, Allen Transport Owner and Director tasked himself with replacing their current provider, he researched the various offerings and came across CheckedSafe.

Peter said “I carried out comprehensive research prior to contacting CheckedSafe but I felt that their offering was just what we are looking for and what our current provider lacked, you could clearly see from the website that they had a good knowledge of the Industry.

Unlike my current provider, CheckedSafe weren’t a software company, the founders were from the industry and very knowledgeable”.

Free Trial

After speaking with Gary from CheckedSafe and expressing his needs, Peter decided to take advantage of a 30-Day Free Trial. Unlike going from paper to digital, Peter knew what was involved and was eager to get started. Within no time at all, the trial was set up and ready to go, we even created some bespoke checks for his different vehicles and assets, something his current provider couldn’t accommodate.

He ran the CheckedSafe trial alongside his current provider and the differences were realised very quickly. The drivers seemed to prefer it, which is always a good sign and the transport office really engaged with it, often asking “can it do this, can it do that?”.

No Hidden Costs

Peter said “I’d heard scare stories about other vehicle compliance solutions, where they charge extra for the simplest of things so I was very surprised and somewhat relieved to know that CheckedSafe pricing structure was clear from the outset.

18 Months On…..

CheckedSafe as truly been a revelation for us. They’ve evolved from an easy to use but comprehensive defect reporting tool to a fleet maintenance system which now allows us to schedule all our vehicle maintenance at no extra cost.

Being compliant was our main motivator in going digital however, there are other benefits of using CheckedSafe. Our operation often means that our vehicles are out all week, we had to rely on the driver communicating any defects during the week however, we were sometimes left with surprises when they returned on a Friday until we went digital.

Now, with CheckedSafe in place, we’ve dramatically reduced our vehicle downtime. All defects and nil defects are recorded daily, if parts are required for rectification, these are often ordered and in place before the vehicle returns to the depot. Ensuring that all vehicles have the required parts for rectification and general maintenance over the weekend has increased our vehicles in service and reduced the need to reschedule deliveries.

Peter Allen: Allen Transport Director

“With CheckedSafe in place, we’ve dramatically reduced our vehicle downtime”

What does the future hold?

CheckedSafe are innovators and they are constantly developing, one area that I’m particularly interested in is their new Geo Fencing and Tracking.  I’ve been fortunate enough to see a beta version and all I can say is, I can’t wait until it is released.

This will be a game changer.

Case studies

Kier Highways

Keir Highways has worked collaboratively with Checkedsafe for over three years to improve the compliance of our fleet & plant.

DTHughes Contractors

DTHughes in 2018 slipped into OCRS Red due to failings on compliance it was decided by Stuart Ellison the Chief Engineer the only way forward was to have in place an electronic system.

Trusted by hundreds of fleet companies

“Following a recent demonstration of Checked Safe I was impressed with the legal compliance this simple yet robust app provides. used correctly this will protect both driver and operator. Undertaking defect reporting is always a hot topic with the Traffic Commissioner and the DVSA., I believe this ticks the right boxes."

Ray Baker, Facebook

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