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Driver Daily Walk Round Checks

Checkedsafe DVSA Vehicle compliance App digitises the vehicle defect card by allowing drivers to complete a HGV driver daily walk around check from their smart phone. Historically, all previous checks had to be completed manually, which is time consuming and not to mention expensive. Our Vehicle compliance App is simply to use and all the checks are separated into Inspection categories for ease.

This allows the driver carrying out the inspection to speed up the process and submit the results in real time from the App. Drivers can also add detailed notes regarding faults and the actions they took to correct them. Once the check is finished, the report is sent and viewable on the Checkedsafe CMS (Compliance Management System).

All failed vehicle compliance checks will automatically generate a report which will be sent to your line manager or administrator for inspection and guidance. The CMS suite will automatically store the recorded data which can be downloaded in PDF or excel format for further analysis and KPI.

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DVSA Vehicle Compliance-Redefined

Geo Tag

Checkedsafe uses the GPS on the driver’s/users mobile device to pin point their location when they carry out the daily check. The map location is included in the resulting report.

Platform Availability

Designed for Android and Apple mobile devices, Checkedsafe also runs on tablet (Android) and iPads and is also available on the Tom Tom platform.

Bespoke Checklist

Checkedsafe has several recommended checklist’s however, all checks can be made bespoke. In fact, a checklist can be created for any vehicle or piece of equipment.

Monitor Movement

We use the mobile device’s motion sensors to track the driver’s movements as they undertake the check, which ensures that the check is accurately being completed and you can see the driver moving around the vehicle.

No Signal-No Problem

Conduct checks off-line. All checks are stored on the device and uploaded automatically to the CheckedSafe CMS (Compliance Management System) when the driver is in signal area.

Tamper Proof

Once data is recorded on the Checkedsafe App, it cannot be altered in any way as it is a fully secured service.

Paper v Digital Vehicle Compliance

There is a proven saving on removing the paper based system and going digital, not only on the storage of all vehicle defect cards but on distribution, collection and manual data entry of each card. There are direct savings in terms of efficiency, time and of course money.

The peace of mind, knowing that all the daily walkround checks are completed whilst being notified in real time of any defects across your entire fleet adds value and helps stream line your operation. Reducing your administration costs associated with running a paper based system can be eliminated with staff redeployed into other more profitable areas of the business.

Track non-compliant workers who flout the rules with evidence based reporting which identifies repeat offenders who expose your company to financial risks and curtailments.

Real-time notification of defects on checks carried out at the roadside enable your service department to schedule their workflow and more importantly, order parts required before the vehicle has even returned, reducing off road time.


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What's Included

Bespoke Templates

We have an extensive library of DVSA, HSE, Puwer, Loler and Border force check templates available for demonstration purposes, all of which can be tailored to suit your business.

For trial purposes we will initially give you access to relevant standard compliant templates for your business, these will be based on your industry and will give you an idea of how the checks work on the App. Once happy with how the checks work, we can create bespoke ones based on your company requirements.

Incident/Accident Check

The commercial vehicle incident/accident App is similar to the old paper-based “bump card”. However, unlike the bump card, the App collects the data contemporaneously including photographs, location, date and time (stamped) and details of all parties to the accident. As soon as the information is collected and submitted via the App the designated responsible person obtains all of the information captured by the driver moments ago at the accident scene.

In-Service Defect

Unfortunately sometimes incidents occur during service. This is called a vehicle In Service Defect which could be a breakdown, traffic congestion and passenger incidents all of which can result in a delayed service and possible financial penalties. The In-service defect App allows the capture of contemporaneous data relating to the incident that can be immediately reported back to the designated responsible person.

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