6th January 2020

Best of 2019-Compliance

CheckedSafe is continuing to improve. We are improving compliance and setting new best practice standards.

We consider ourselves to not only be award winning but market leaders in digital compliance. Since starting over 5 years ago, we have seen a significant shift in how organisations manage their transport systems. The old barriers to change have largely disappeared and operators are now ready and indeed eager to move to digital systems to help drive cost and efficiency savings.

It is now widely accepted that a digital system of some sort is required in order to run a modern transport business.

Digital systems enable operators to

  • Monitor the whole transport system quickly and easily.
  • Plug gaps created by paper by having a transparent and clear audit trail.
  • Replace old inefficient processes with more effective digital ones.
  • Have full digital storage of ALL aspects of the transport system enabling quick and easy recall.

In the past cost has been one of the main barriers to operators not embracing new technology but at CheckedSafe with our clear and transparent pricing structure we provide a full wrap around fleet management compliance solution for less than the cost of trying to manage on paper. All operators need is a smart phone and access to the internet.

The cost is £1 per week per vehicle/asset. We have also maintained the pricing structure for the past 5 years despite pressure from the marketplace to increase. Importantly we have continually developed our product during that period meaning that our customers continue to benefit from being a CheckedSafe customer.

Below is a brief summary of the innovation and development we released in 2019. Most of this has been at the behest of our customers. Being able to continually improve and develop for our customers is very rewarding and we are rightly proud of our achievements.

It is for all of these reasons that we won the Transport Supplier of the Year at the National Transport Awards 2019.

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