2nd March 2023

4 surprising ways we can make your job easier

Here at CheckedSafe, whilst we’re confident that you’ll have heard of our most popular services – it’s come to our attention that we haven’t historically been the best at shouting about all of the innovative ways we can help your business. Whilst most of you will be familiar with the main features of our Fleet Management app, it might surprise you to know that we do so much more than that.

For this reason, today, we’re sharing some of the lesser-known services that we provide – and trust us, a lot of them are game-changers for fleet managers, business owners and employees alike!


Protection of your lone workers

If you have lone workers and struggle to know how best to protect them whilst they’re on the job – our Lone Worker App is for you. Several difficulties come alongside being a lone worker, including…

  • Increased risk

Due to the nature of lone working roles, your employees will typically spend large amounts of time on their own. This places them at an increased risk of vulnerability to incidents or accidents occurring, particularly in desolate areas or throughout the night. If your worker slips and cannot get up or access her phone – how can they alert emergency services or raise the alarm for some help?

  • Communication difficulties

It can be difficult for lone workers to communicate with their employees without having to ring or call regularly – probably not the ideal solution if your workforce is active throughout the night. Likewise, if you need to alert your lone workers of new potential hazards, company updates or relevant news, this can be difficult to do, too.

  • Isolation 

Many lone workers are prone to feeling isolated and disconnected from their employers due to the nature of their work. These feelings of isolation are widely reported to impact many lone workers’ mental health and general job satisfaction. 

The solution to all of these problems? Our Lone Worker App. Offering clear visibility over every lone worker on shift, and with GPS-location tracking, real-time reporting and live alerts – you’ll be able to stay connected to and protect your lone workers with ease. 


Elevation of your workplace health and safety 

Health and safety probably isn’t the most exciting of topics for many business owners, although we are all well aware of its importance. Like you, we know the pains of getting lost in seemingly endless piles of paperwork and checklists, which is we’ve developed the Dynamic Risk Assessments app

You’ll no longer have to worry about being buried in piles of paperwork and documents, and forget feeling anxious whenever someone brings up “health and safety”. Because with CheckedSafe, you’re in control. 

Our Dynamic Risk Assessments app provides a detailed overview of all completed health and safety risk assessments, allowing you to review your workplace performance and efficiencies whilst staying cool, calm and collected.

How can our Dynamic Risk Assessments app help you?

  • Provide peace of mind that your business is health and safety compliant
  • Monitor safe systems of work to ensure you’re meeting industry regulations
  • Investigate workplace incidents/accidents 
  • Generate reports and actionable improvements 
  • No more piles of paperwork
  • Gain greater insight into how your workplace operates.


Conduct remote driver’s licence checks 

The DVSA recommends checking your driver’s licence at least every three months.  But for many businesses and fleet managers across the country, meeting with your drivers on a regular basis just isn’t a reality. If you’ve got a dispersed workforce with drivers that work different shift patterns and unsociable hours – conducting regular driving licence checks can be a real challenge. 

Our new Licence Checks service uses innovative technology to ensure your drivers have the correct credentials to legally operate their vehicle – saving you valuable time and money. The software is integrated into our original Fleet Management app, but can also be used separately as a stand-alone solution. 

How can our CheckedSafe Licence Checks service help you?

  • Effortlessly verify your fleet’s licences.
  • Identify any previous driving offences (speeding, drink driving etc.) 
  • Ensure the number of points stated on a driver’s license is correct
  • Check your driver’s Tachograph Card and CPC expiry dates
  • Entirely remote service – perfect for dispersed workforces


Complete backend reporting for Fleet Management

Our award-winning CheckedSafe vehicle management portal allows you to gain a thorough understanding of your workforce and fleet. With real-time updates, you’ll be able to see instantly if defects are reported, how many checks have been passed or failed, and view complete end-to-end audit trails for your vehicles. 

How can our CheckedSafe vehicle management portal help your fleet management?

  • Effortlessly produce KPI reports for further analysis
  • Identify vehicle defects in real time for a fast response
  • Schedule work in advance with full access to the availability of your vehicles
  • Store all data in a secure and tamper-proof CMS. 


As the UK’s leading vehicle compliance and fleet management provider, there are dozens of bespoke ways to use our software – so if you’re not sure if it’s possible, then give us a call on 01282 908429 and one of our team will be happy to answer any questions! 

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