24th March 2020

Traffic Commissioners ask for electronic communication during COVID-19 outbreak

The regulators are reviewing their processes and making essential changes as the situation develops.

With the majority of staff working remotely without access to an office, normal working practices are being reviewed. To help reduce possible delays, operators are urged to use electronic communications such as email and online portals, wherever possible.

How do I contact the OTC?

Please contact the OTC electronically wherever possible by:

How will the OTC contact you?

Most of the correspondence you receive will now be delivered by email, so keeping your email address up to date at Manage your vehicle operator licence and regularly checking your email account is very important.

Where can you get further information?

In certain cases, this might mean you can avoid the need to send an electronic enquiry and wait for an answer before considering your next steps. This will all help with reducing delays.

The guidance on the page is updated as the situation develops so could be a very useful tool to find information you are not sure about.

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