28th March 2024

Drivers who refuse driving licence checks: What to do

Got a driver that won't consent to having their licence checked? Unsure how to tackle the situation? Here at CheckedSafe, we explore your options...

Do you have a driver that won’t consent to having their driving licence checked?

Eager to get on the road without the necessary checks being done first?

Let’s take a look at what to do if you’re a fleet operator in these circumstances…

The importance of checking employee driving licences

As a fleet operator, you must check all of your driver’s licences at regular intervals. This means at the outset of employment before they are allowed to drive, and consistently after then – typically at least quarterly. It is typically advised to take a risk-based approach to this process, which means drivers who have points on their licence should be checked more frequently. 

Whatever your stance, your approach to the frequency of conducting driving licence checks must be established in a written policy. This provides full transparency to your team of drivers and also protects your business in the event of questions down the road. 

What to do if a driver refuses licence checks

A driver refusing to have checks carried out on their licence poses a problem. Simply put, as an operator, if your drivers are on the road without a valid licence you may face:

  • Prosecution and a legal sentence
  • Action from the Traffic Commissioner
  • Invalidated insurance 

It is therefore essential that despite the difficulty of the situation, you do not allow a driver to drive on behalf of your business. 

Step 1 – Speak to your driver and explain your legal obligations

The first step in tackling this would typically be to speak to your driver about the legal obligations you face. This would also be a good time to get out your written policy on the topic and explain the consequences of not adhering to the law. It is also advisable to ask them for their reasons for refusing. 

Step 2 – Remind the driver they are subject to disciplinary action

If after that initial conversation, your driver still refuses to let you check their driver’s licence – it is time to remind them that must obey any reasonable and lawful management requests, or they will face disciplinary action. 

Step 3 – If they still refuse, dismissal is likely 

Finally, if they still refuse to participate in mandatory licence checks, you are within your rights as an employer to dismiss the driver (or refuse to work with them, if they are an agency driver). Legally, both ‘illegality’ and a lack of ‘capability’ are potentially fair reasons to dismiss someone during these circumstances. 

How can CheckedSafe’s driving licence-checking software help?

At CheckedSafe, our licence-checking software revolutionises how you ensure your fleet drivers are both compliant and hold clean driving records. We use advanced Optical Character Recognition technology which boasts an accuracy rate of over 95% to efficiently verify driver licences remotely. 

We make it easy for you to check for: 

  • Licence types – That your driver’s details are correct and whether or not they have the correct licence for their role (i.e. full, copy, HGV or professional)
  • Driver offences – That all previous driver offences have been identified (i.e. speeding, drunk driving)
  • Points on licence – That the number of points stated on the driver’s licence is correct.
  • Tachograph and CPC – The driver’s Tachograph Card and CPC expiry dates.

The benefits of our licence-checking software are as follows:

  • Check the driving licences of your entire fleet remotely.
  • Retain peace of mind that your business is compliant and safe.
  • Create custom data points and personalised alerts.
  • Make use of impressive Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. 
  • Easily identify drivers who are at risk within your fleet.
  • Minimise the likelihood of you paying expensive fines. 
  • Stay informed of any new offences from drivers in your fleet.
  • Manage your fleet from one streamlined. 
  • Use our innovative ‘pay-as-you-go’ service to check licences. 

Remember, making sure every employee behind the wheel has a current and valid driving licence isn’t just a legal checkbox for you to tick – it is also a key part of managing your operations efficiently, effectively and safely. 

If you’d like to learn more about our solution to managing your fleet and ensuring your business is compliant, please give us a call on ​01282 908429 or email us at info@checkedsafe.com.


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