29th January 2024

CheckedSafe and MICHELIN Connected Fleet join forces to support Network Rail

We're proud to announce that CheckedSafe and MICHELIN Connected Fleet are working together to improve our service offerings to Network Rail...

You may remember that last August, we were excited to announce our monumental partnership with  Network Rail. This marked a major milestone for our team here at CheckedSafe, as we are now responsible for managing one of the largest fleets in the UK.

This partnership with Network Rail was far from standard. Given the immense scale of their operations – encompassing over 10,000 vehicles and 44,000 users –  we devoted months to developing bespoke software solutions tailored to their unique needs.

However, our journey in revolutionising their fleet management was just beginning.

This month, we’re excited to unveil our latest collaboration with MICHELIN Connected Fleet, a leader in fleet telematics systems. Together, we’ve created a superior fleet compliance solution specifically for Network Rail.

A superior fleet management solution for users

MICHELIN Connected Fleet’s sophisticated tracking technology has been seamlessly integrated into our software, increasing the standard of fleet management for Network Rail. This integration provides real-time tracking and reporting on vehicle usage and ensures compliance with the highest safety standards.

How does the new software work?

Every day, MICHELIN Connected Fleet’s system generates comprehensive reports on vehicle movements. These reports are sent to us via a newly configured API and then cross-referenced with our data. The data identifies vehicles moved without a check vehicles moved with a check and vehicles already marked Vehicle-Off-Road (VOR). Through this, Network Rail can not only ensure compliance is maintained but police ongoing compliance.

How does this benefit Network Rail?

  1. Streamlined compliance solutions 

Prior to our partnership, Network Rail faced the immense challenge of ensuring that each vehicle was properly checked before use. The system relied heavily on driver trust, making it virtually impossible to effectively monitor and guarantee the implementation of pre-use checks for such a vast fleet. 

Now, with the combination of our own and MICHELIN Connected Fleet’s API link, Network Rail can confidently ensure fleet compliance with ease. Our integrated systems efficiently identify any discrepancies between vehicle movement and completed checks. 

This automated process not only flags potential issues but also promptly reports them to the appropriate managers, streamlining the compliance process and reinforcing accountability in fleet management.

  1. Increased safety and reputation

Another great consequence of our work is that Network Rail has strengthened their commitment to road safety and accountability. Our collaboration with MICHELIN Connected Fleet supports Network Rail’s vision of having one of the safest vehicle fleets in the UK. With over 10,000 vehicles, this is no mean feat, and we’re exceptionally privileged to play a significant role in helping them achieve this!

CheckedSafe – providing you with streamlined compliance solutions

Yet again, we couldn’t be prouder of our team here at CheckedSafe, and we’re looking forward to providing you with even more project updates as this partnership progresses.

For now – please contact us on 01282 937228 or drop us a message here if you have any questions!

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