31st March 2020

Traffic Commissioner update in response to Covid-19 27 March 2020

In these difficult times many businesses will have to take unusual measures to ensure that their business keeps operating.

It is also the case that services that were hitherto readily available are simply not because of the general lockdown that we are all experiencing. This could be for things like maintenance and servicing.

Accordingly, the Traffic Commissioners have released some practical advice for those businesses with an operators licence to enable them to stay legal and compliant.

I have extracted a couple of key points below where I feel CheckedSafe can help. As can be seen from the extract it is critical that drivers still do their daily checks to ensure a vehicle that is on the road is safe even if it is not practical to carry out a PMI.

Further if Transport Managers or Fleet Managers are unable to get to the workplace then our system allows them to work remotely and keep on top of the fleet. This is important for when we come out of the general lockdown.

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