11th January 2016

New From Checkedsafe-Dynamic Risk Assessment App

Checkedsafe Apps continue to grow. Introducing our Dynamic Risk Assessment App which is an intuitive risk assessment software application for a smartphone. It contains a comprehensive library of hazards with associated control measures.

The Checkedsafe Dynamic Risk assessment App is smartphone based and unlike most Risk assessments which are often carried out at a desk and where significant details can be missed. With this smart phone App the risk assessment can be carried out at the point of work more accurately, thereby minimising the chance of overlooking vital hazards for the assessment.

The definition of a dynamic risk assessment is:

“The continuous process of identifying hazards, assessing risk, taking action to eliminate or reduce risk, monitoring and reviewing, in the rapidly changing circumstances of an operational incident.”

During the dynamic (rapidly changing) phase, the decision making process involves analysing and reviewing the risks and benefits presented by the incident, selecting an appropriate response (system of work) and making a judgement on whether the risks are proportional to the benefits.

View the website for more info www.checkedsaferiskassessment.com.

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