6th July 2023

How to lose your fleet operators licence…

We disclose one of the most common reasons that fleet operators lose their licence, so that you can avoid the same fate!

If you’re a fleet operator, we have some shocking statistics for you. 

In 2017, the RAC found that a staggering 25% of motorists with penalty points on their licence did not tell their employers when they received them. Meanwhile, only 13% of those surveyed would voluntarily tell their employers if and when they incurred any licence points.

These figures should be deeply unsettling for any business managing a fleet of drivers.

Regularly verifying driver’s licences is a crucial yet often overlooked component of health and safety policies for any company with routine driving activities. 

It’s easy to assume this is just a box-ticking exercise – but the truth is quite different. 


Are you burying your head in the sand? 

Picture it, you’re under the impression that your workforce is up-to-scratch, is highly qualified, and has all of the correct credentials to legally operate their vehicle. At least – they were 10 months ago, when last you checked, anyway. 

It could then come as a surprise to discover that during a routine roadside inspection by the DVSA, your driver was found to have 10 existing points on their licence for speeding and using their phone whilst driving. Both offences took place within the last 9 months. 

Further checks reveal that the driver has exceeded work hour rules and manipulated their vehicle’s tachograph. 

It’s likely that your employer is going to lose their HGV licence – but what does it mean for you as a transport professional?


Consider the following scenario: 

As a consequence of the findings, the DVSA decides to carry out an inspection of your operating centre. Here, they find numerous more drivers with points on their licences that hadn’t been declared to you. One in particular, with a drink drive conviction in their personal vehicle and a disqualification from driving. 

Now, you’re being called to attend a Public Inquiry before the Traffic Commissioner – and are subject to your operator’s licence being suspended, curtailed or even revoked entirely. 

The most severe consequence? Up to £20 million of pounds in fines for corporate manslaughter convictions.

Not ideal, right?

How to avoid losing your licence:

In 2023, the need to prove your commitment to a robust and rigorous health and safety approach has never been more critical, and licence checking should be the foundation of any all-encompassing duty of care policy. 

To avoid a scenario resembling the one described above, make sure to:

  • Conduct regular licence checks on all of your drivers
  • Carry these out every 3 months at a minimum (as recommended by the Traffic Commissioners)
  • Keep full records of your checks
  • Ensure the Traffic Commissioner is informed of any relevant convictions

Choose CheckedSafe Driving Licence Checks: for Employers

Here at CheckedSafe, we understand that if you’ve got a large fleet of commercial vehicles, conducting regular licence checks on your employees isn’t always an easy or practical task to carry out. Which is why we’ve made it simple…


Our DVLA ADD Licence Checks for employers service allows you to check: 

  • Licence types –  We’ll verify your drivers’ details and ensure they hold the appropriate licence for their role, whether it’s a full, copy, HGV, or professional licence.
  • Driver offences – Our checks will identify any past offences such as speeding or drink driving.
  • Points on licence – We’ll confirm the accuracy of the points recorded on the driver’s licences.
  • Tachograph & CPC – As part of our inclusive service, we’ll also check the expiry dates of the drivers’ Tachograph Cards and CPCs.

In other words, we’ll empower you to:

  • Remotely check the driving licences of your entire fleet.
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing your business complies with regulations.
  • Create custom data points and personalised alerts for individual drivers.
  • Identify at-risk drivers within your fleet.
  • Stay updated on any new offences committed by your fleet drivers.
  • Consolidate all your fleet management, and compliance needs into one easy-to-use app.


Managing a large fleet of commercial vehicles can be complex, but with CheckedSafe, it doesn’t have to be. We offer a streamlined, innovative, and cost-effective solution to consistently conduct remote licence checks.


To learn more about how we can help transform your fleet management and ensure you don’t lose your Fleet Operator’s Licence, with our innovative licence checks for employers – get in touch with us at 01282 908429 or email us at info@checkedsafe.com.

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