20th April 2023

DVSA’s ER scheme launches new concrete industry module 

It’s been a busy month for us here at CheckedSafe, yet as always, the transport sector continues to evolve. Earlier this month, The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA)  launched a Concrete Operational Module that rewards safety and compliance within the concrete and quarry industry.

It was developed by the British Aggregates Association (BAA) in collaboration with the DVSA, which requires operators to adhere to the highest standards of policies, staff, training, and processes.

The DVSA’s Earned Recognition (ER) scheme will recognise operators for their safety across their operations, drivers, and vehicles with accreditation, provided they apply for and meet the module requirements.

How does DVSA Earned Recognition benefit your fleet?

By applying for DVSA Earned Recognition, you are able to prove that your organisation meets driver and vehicle safety requirements. Sharing performance information with the DVSA on a regular basis can enhance your fleet’s efficiency by reducing the need for inspections on your vehicles, which ultimately improves your chances of avoiding unnecessary stops.


Who are the British Aggregates Association?

Founded in 1999, the British Aggregates Association (BAA) represents UK independent small and medium-sized quarry operators. The BAA is run by professionals with experience in the minerals industry. 

The association provides essential support and advice in all health and safety, planning, transport, environmental, technical and regulatory issues; whilst ensuring that the voice of the independent sector is heard at all levels of the UK administration. 

They’ve worked closely with the DVSA to help those within the concrete industry reap the aforementioned benefits of the Earned Recognition scheme. 

Concrete Industry: Can CheckedSafe support your accreditation efforts?

At CheckedSafe, our award-winning compliance software platform offers customised templates for inspecting cement mixers and more. When you use our app, we help you manage your fleet while transitioning to a fully paperless system. 

We’re fully compliant with the DVSA Earned Recognition scheme, enabling you to prove with ease that your vehicles, drivers and operations meet all necessary standards. 

Sound good? Give us a call on 01282 937296  or get your free 30-day free trial here!

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