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Swans Travel

Swans Travel Ltd are an Executive/Luxury coach operator based in Manchester.

Swans Travel were looking for a system which would ensure compliance whilst saving time and money.

Keeping on top of compliance across multiple sites became a time consuming job and a digital solution seemed the way forward but they soon found that not every compliance solutions was created equal.

Previously their paper reports were often lost, unreadable and drivers abroad couldn’t submit their paperwork work for days.

Traceability and management became quite difficult as did the collection and storage of records.

Workshop processes were not always documented and some jobs were reported and fixed verbally. Workshops were often inundated with defects as and when the vehicle came back into the depot.

How Did CheckedSafe Help?

  • Deploying CheckedSafe ensured daily checks were carried out and eliminated the previous sporadic, unreadable and missing
  • With real-time reporting, no defects went un-repaired and improved our scheduled maintenance.
  • Flexible in terms of check templates we designed our own checklist and order of checking the vehicle
  • Accident Bump check for Insurance has been a superb development and we firmly believe it has reduced our cost of an accident

Swans Travel also found:

  • All checks are now completed on time and can be scheduled/reported on, full traceability from Cradle to Grave of compliance.
  • Defect ratio and downtime has reduced dramatically due to electronic
  • Insurance costs of claim reduced again due to the capture of data via Electronic Bump Card the data is sent to our Broker within minutes of the accident so the “golden hour” is captured resulting in a better management of accident
  • PMI Scheduling and Daily Email is a fantastic development its all delivered effectively pushing the info to the right people to enable key decision to be
  • The CheckedSafe team offer fantastic support and the knowledge they have is second to none, it’s obvious they come from the Industry which is a huge benefit and was taken into account in our decision process along with their flexible approach.

Peter Weston – Swans Fleet Engineer: I had joined Swans and decided the only way forward was digital, I’d looked at the market place, tried a few options including a “free” option (which was never free, its paid for by other subscriptions!) and none seemed to fit my requirements.

  • I now know that all our drivers either home or abroad have done the daily check and can trace exactly the time/location and the movement taken around the vehicle to carry our the check.
  • One of the biggest benefits to me personally was that it has vastly reduced Swans Travel carbon footprint, with less paper and no print costs we’ve seen great environmental improvements.

CheckedSafe are continuously developing the App and back office, with many of the ideas coming from customer feedback.

Kieran Swindles -Swans Managing Director: I’ve known Gary for a number of years, his time at Local Government Managing Transport from Operations to Compliance and latterly as an owner/operator of a 40 strong commercial fleet, so his skills are spot on and he along with Darran have developed a product to be very proud of.

I have to say we think CheckedSafe have a great compliance tool and great supporting team.

Case studies

Kier Highways

Keir Highways has worked collaboratively with Checkedsafe for over three years to improve the compliance of our fleet & plant.

DTHughes Contractors

DTHughes in 2018 slipped into OCRS Red due to failings on compliance it was decided by Stuart Ellison the Chief Engineer the only way forward was to have in place an electronic system.

Trusted by hundreds of fleet companies

“Following a recent demonstration of Checked Safe I was impressed with the legal compliance this simple yet robust app provides. used correctly this will protect both driver and operator. Undertaking defect reporting is always a hot topic with the Traffic Commissioner and the DVSA., I believe this ticks the right boxes."

Ray Baker, Facebook

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