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Case Study: PMW Quarries

PMW Quarries Ltd is a family run business, continuing on from P & M Watson Haulage which has been established for over 40 years.

Our ability to supply and deliver all primary/recycled aggregates, topsoils, subsoils, sands, gravels, clays and shales, together with the ability to offer site clearance with our fully licenced tipping facilities, leaves us in the best position to meet our client’s needs.

After a successful major expansion program over the last few years, and the development of an ongoing partnership with MAN Truck & Bus, we are now in the proud position of being the largest supplier of aggregates in West Yorkshire, both quarried and recycled.

Going Digital with CheckedSafe?

Moving to paperless defect reporting checks was an easy decision for Danny at PMW Quarries. As the business grew, paper-checks had become so inefficient and hard to manage, meaning that quite often they were only aware of the vehicle defects at the end of each day. Clearly, this was a problem that Danny wanted to solve and although Danny isn’t technologically minded, he decided that a digital system was the way forward.

When researching, Danny narrowed the choice of provider to a couple of solutions but was concerned whether they keep him compliant? Some looked prettier than others, some lacked the freedom of check creation and some had too much freedom and even allowed you to delete DVSA mandatory questions. It was only when Danny saw CheckedSafe that he knew he had found the perfect solution – and we are glad he did.

It’s not all about Defect Checking, it’s much more

Although initially focused on defect reporting, Danny also saw an immediate benefit from using some of the other inclusive features of the system, such as the “Defect During Service” and “Incident/Accident” reporting features, which dramatically increased the immediate reporting of such and minimised site visits. This saved considerable time and money.

Then, with the introduction of the “Scheduling” system, Danny quickly set about planning all his PMI’s, wheel torque, brake testing and even truck washes.

Danny Watson-PMW Quarries Director

I didn’t just jump on to the digital bandwagon, I did extensive research and soon realised that not all solutions offered DVSA and FORS compliance like CheckedSafe. I was looking for a bullet-proof system that would not only keep me compliant but would be easy to use and could be quickly adopted by the PMW Quarries Team.

I found that CheckedSafe offered this and more. The CheckedSafe team are always on hand to offer assistance and support and they are constantly developing new features to help keep me compliant and, unlike traditional software providers, their knowledge of the industry from a legal and transport operators point of view is evident in the solution they have created.

Case studies

Kier Highways

Keir Highways has worked collaboratively with Checkedsafe for over three years to improve the compliance of our fleet & plant.

DTHughes Contractors

DTHughes in 2018 slipped into OCRS Red due to failings on compliance it was decided by Stuart Ellison the Chief Engineer the only way forward was to have in place an electronic system.

Trusted by hundreds of fleet companies

“Following a recent demonstration of Checked Safe I was impressed with the legal compliance this simple yet robust app provides. used correctly this will protect both driver and operator. Undertaking defect reporting is always a hot topic with the Traffic Commissioner and the DVSA., I believe this ticks the right boxes."

Ray Baker, Facebook

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