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Hughes Haulage

Just a quick line to say what my initial thoughts are regarding your driver walkround check app. What a fantastic bit of kit you have developed. It is very intuitive and user friendly and I know will prove invaluable as we go forward with it. The reports it generates from the drivers input checks are great and will cut down on so much admin work my only regret is not having it years ago. I think it acts as a much more credible and tamper proof alternative to the old paper checking system and therefore will prove compliance much more easily should the need arise. From my initial contact with you and then Gary setting it up the process and service that you offered has been second to none. The only issue that I would have recommending it to my competitors would be that I would not want to make their lives as easy as this app will make mine so you may just have to make do with this written testimonial as your recompense !!

Case studies

Kier Highways

Keir Highways has worked collaboratively with Checkedsafe for over three years to improve the compliance of our fleet & plant.

DTHughes Contractors

DTHughes in 2018 slipped into OCRS Red due to failings on compliance it was decided by Stuart Ellison the Chief Engineer the only way forward was to have in place an electronic system.

Trusted by hundreds of fleet companies

“Following a recent demonstration of Checked Safe I was impressed with the legal compliance this simple yet robust app provides. used correctly this will protect both driver and operator. Undertaking defect reporting is always a hot topic with the Traffic Commissioner and the DVSA., I believe this ticks the right boxes."

Ray Baker, Facebook

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