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What’s your name and Role within the Company?

Julie Davies Amey Group Fleet and Plant Compliance Manager, Ian Berry Senior

Transport Manager on one of our most prestigious Highways Contracts

What was your team’s process prior to using our Checkedsafe?

Defect reporting was performed using a paper version suitable for each type of vehicle on the fleet

What was the most obvious advantage you felt the Checkedsafe compliance solution offered your business?

Using the CheckedSafe system has made the reporting of defects efficient; it enables the TM to see immediately defect reports from all operating centres under his/her management, this enables them to arrange rectification swiftly.

The system is also used for gate checks, and health and safety audits

Were you comparing alternative solutions? If so, what were they?

Once the decision was made to move away from paper digital was the only way to go. Amey approached several companies to demonstrate their product. A wide selection of management across the business scored the process, two companies were very close in the scoring and each were given the opportunity to trial their product. Checked Safe proved to be more user friendly and adaptable to the Amey business.

Do you think the investment in our product was worthwhile? Why?

The investment in Checked Safe has proved invaluable, Checked Safe has proved
irreplaceable during this COVID-19 pandemic allowing our TM’s to manage the
defects reports whilst working from home.

By using our product can you measure any improvements in productivity or time savings?

Calculations have been made and they show less downtime of vehicles, people
management savings has been achieved in not having books to administrate.

By using Checkedsafe can you identify any reduced costs? I.e. Staff redeployment, reduction
in paper cost?

Savings have been achieved in eliminating the cost of paper versions and valuable time for the Transport Manager. It also adds to Amey’s green credentials, less paper and travelling.

How would you describe Checkedsafe if you were explaining it to a friend?

The most fast and efficient way of recording vehicle/plant pre-use checks giving confidence to drivers and contracts that vehicles remain fully complaint.

Would you describe a few of the reasons you decided to choose Checkedsafe?

The ease of introduction to our contracts, the ability to have tailor made templates to suit our mixed fleet, instant visibility of reports. Robust auditing evidence used to demonstrate compliance to the authorities and in house auditors.

Case studies

Kier Highways

Keir Highways has worked collaboratively with Checkedsafe for over three years to improve the compliance of our fleet & plant.

DTHughes Contractors

DTHughes in 2018 slipped into OCRS Red due to failings on compliance it was decided by Stuart Ellison the Chief Engineer the only way forward was to have in place an electronic system.

Trusted by hundreds of fleet companies

“Following a recent demonstration of Checked Safe I was impressed with the legal compliance this simple yet robust app provides. used correctly this will protect both driver and operator. Undertaking defect reporting is always a hot topic with the Traffic Commissioner and the DVSA., I believe this ticks the right boxes."

Ray Baker, Facebook

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