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Lone Worker – Back Office

Last Updated: May 13, 2022 at 10:17 am

Dashboard Login

The CheckedSafe back office area is where you can:

  • Manage and view your Lone Workers
  • View and Manage your whole team if they are out Lone Working
  • Add notes in the Lone Worker sections as required
  • Manage all notification set ups for monitoring of Lone Workers

Point your web browser to the URL http://app.checkedsafe.com/ and you will be presented with the login screen.  Below is a screenshot of the login page; login with your username and password and if successful you will be taken to the dashboard. If you have trouble logging in or you are refused entry to the system, then raise a support call support@checkedsafe.com or 01282 908429

Note the data once submitted cannot be edited or deleted if a mistake is make you simply dthate task again with the correct information this is a postive approach as it indicates a fully compliant process

Dashboard View

Dashboard Screen provides live daily information for a host of information – the area that you need is 2/3 theway down the left hand menu “Lone Workers” click this and to get two sub menus

  • View Lone Workers
  • Lone Worker Map

When a user logs into the LW App and sets off Lone Working the Monitoring Staff/Centre will receive an email as below – other options to receive the notification are text and a phone call all these are configurable. The email is very informative as it provides lots of detail, time started, any contact details entered and importantly the Map of the LW starting point location.

View Team

Once the monitoring team have received the notification they can now log into the back office and view individual users (or the map with all users which will show later in this document)

The Monitoring Staff – click View Lone Workers this will bring up a list of Lone Workers you can filter on this page:

  • By Login
  • Start/End time (for historical LW)
  • Depot
  • Name
  • Filter to view Active or Ended LW


The default view is always Active – if you wish to look at old LW reports you can filter at the top of the page to Ended (and by Staff Name, Start/End, Depot) – example screenshot below of historical LW reports

Once View is clicked this takes the Monitoring staff to that LW page here you can see information on:

  • Lone Worker details
  • Contact details
  • Depot
  • Start and End time and duration
  • Any contact details fs provided via the App
  • Request Check in
  • End active LW from here if required

Request Check-in

At any point the Monitoring staff can request the LW to check by pressing the Request Check in button.

This immediately sends a message to the LW requestion them to check in.

If notifications are set up then the Monitoring staff may get an Email, Text or Phone call, they can then view the LW in the back office. The screen shot below with the yellow highlight indicated by a tick that the LW has Checked in and the map indicates that location at that precise time of Check In

Alarm/Stationary Alert

The LW from the device, if in trouble can raise an SOS call (top right of device screen SOS) this sends an alert via Email (example right), Text or Phone call to the monitoring staff

Staff can the immediately login in and view the exact location of the LW and take further action. This is where to can add further notes in the notes section (see example notes on Lone Worker Notes)

Lone Worker PDF Reports

The data for the LW is stored on our secure AWS servers indefinitely and at any time you can download the reports especially if you need to use for HSE/Riddor reporting. Sample report below.

Ending the Lone Worker – the user can end the Lone Worker before the duration is finished and an optional notification (Email, Text, Phone Call), can be set to notify the Monitoring team.

Failing to end the Lone Worker will result in an Alarm going off on the device (after a configurable time delay) along with Configurable Notifications (Email, Text, Phone Call) to the Monitoring Team. Who can then access the situation and take the necessary actions.

Lone Worker Map

The Monitoring staff can look at the Lone Worker Map – a good feature if you have several LW’s out on site and if you do have any issues you can dispatch your nearest staff member if required to check. You can filter this page by depot/team if you wish.

You can also click on the LW user Icon and see a brief snap-shot, but also click view details takes you to the LW page and also clicking the login name takes you to the user profile page

View/Add/Remove team members

By Clicking View team you then get a menu page to search by login, name, email etc. Type in any of these sections and press search, the team member will then appear, and you can click the hyperlinks to view the profile or view that person’s last check or all checks (if they use the Check App as well)

Tip: the view is always default to active users to view any specific roles you can use the dropdown filter box for Role, and you can also use the dropdown labelled enabled to few any disabled users

You can view all you team to do this don’t specify any search criteria just click view team and click search

In this section, once you have the whole team on view you can click any of the “blue” hyperlinks which will take you to whichever section you wish to have a look at, this page also provides information on:

  • Login – users login and name
  • Date created
  • Role – what level of responsibility they have in CheckedSafe system
  • Email details
  • Enabled (current status)
  • Depot – which Depot the user is assigned to
  • Latest Device – The latest information on what device has been used (if any) to do a check
  • Last Check – Information on last check done (Only for those that use the Vehicle/Asset Check/DRA App)
  • All Checks/Inspections – Link to view all that persons checks (Only for those that use the Vehicle/Asset Check/DRA App)

NOTE: this page defaults to enabled staff if you wish to view any staff not enabled you can use the drop down labelled Enabled to filter the view – you can also filter by user profile labelled “Role

Viewing the individual team member details by clicking on their actual hyperlink on the view team page

User profile page – here you can see all details and can tick options for that user, you may also disable the user, so they no longer have access. There are other options within the user profile area that will assist you in managing the staff member, which are listed below:

Team Options – Lone Worker

Loneworkers – You can also in the section manage (if you have Loneworkers) your LW profile notifications

Start LW, Check-in, SOS, End LW this can be via Email, Text (chargeable) and Telephone if Monitoring staff wishes to receive call alerts then they need to have a profile set up with a number in the details at set up.

Adding a New User

This will take you to a blank Create & Edit Driver page as shown below.  Add the details for the Driver as follows:

  • The user login must be unique across the system (see note below)
  • The role must be selected from the dropdown
  • The company will default to the one your logged in as if you have a hierarchy you can pick where the new user is to be allocated
  • Password should be set.
  • The User Enabled box should be ticked
  • The other details should be entered as standard

TIP: DO NOT overwrite the user if you want to add a new user as all historical data will then tag to the new user, if you want to add a new user, you must click again Create and edit User and you will see the screen as below

If you get a message “USER ALREADY IN THE SYSTEM” but you know you don’t have that person, it will be in the Global Checkedsafe system – think Gmail!

If you’re setting up a user who is a 3rdparty and you’re using the Notification group to allow them to manage defects, see below: (Notification Groups) leave the email section blank in their profile – otherwise they will receive all emails and you can also edit their role and permissions which can be found further on in this section

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