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Lone Worker – App User Guide

Last Updated: May 13, 2022 at 10:23 am

Getting Started

  1. Login screen when you open the App.
  2. Each person is allocated a unique log in and password Enter user name (not case sensitive)
  3. Password is case sensitive
  4. Press Login
  5. You can have 2 factor on request – support@checkedsafe.com

This is the Start page you can:

  • Alter the duration by using the slider circle under “duration”
  • It is pre-set at 120mins in line with BS8484 (but can be set any anything to suit the client)

Optional entries (or Enforced if required)

  • Contact Name
  • Emergency Contact
  • Notes

Press Start the App will now start to track the Lone Worker and notify those that are in the system to be notified by:

  • Email
  • Text
  • Phone Call

(All the above can be configured and are optional)

The Client can be requested to Check in at anytime by the monitoring person(s) if so, a notification will pop up on the App to ask the user to check in.

If the App is running in the background by clicking the message it will open up the App and the user can check in.

If the user has received the message to check in they open the app (or it auto opens when clicking the message) and presses Check in that sends a message back to the Monitoring staff (if configured).

If the client allows a variation on time the user can increase the time on LW from this page by pressing “Add Time” and it will increase by the default minutes as set up.

Once the user has finished LW they can just press “Finish” and the LW will end and the monitoring staff will be informed.

Failing to press “Finish” before the end time will result in the Alarm being raised and the Monitoring staff notified (there maybe a time delay between Alarm and notification and that will be pre-set

The User may use the SOS button if they are in trouble once they press the SOS top right corner, they see the confirmation and they are safe in the knowing that someone who is monitoring them has now been alerted.

The screen can be minimised and the device can be used as normal with the timer operating in the background.

If you have poor signal you may require the users to regularly check in in a signal area (for example start the LW, go into Boiler Room, come back out at agreed periods to check-in).

The timers and Alarm will still work without signal, however, no messages will be sent to the Monitoring station from the device. However. If the timer has ended and there is no signal the alarm will still notify the monitoring staff as the system will have recorded the start and finish time.

Further Support

Any question/issue please report to support@checkedsafe.com or call 01282 908429

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