Vehicle Pre Use Checks

CheckedSafe replaces the paper based daily vehicle check by allowing drivers to complete a Vehicle First User or Vehicle Pre-use check via an App on their smart phone. This improves the efficiency of the check process. Once submitted the check results are sent in real time via email and are viewable on the CheckedSafe CMS (Compliance Management System).

Effective management of work-related road safety helps reduce risk no matter what size of your organisation. As part of managing that risk organisations are required to ensure that vehicles are in a safe and fit condition for use and the simple way of doing this is to ensure that daily vehicle checks are carried out.

Whilst it is possible to carry out daily vehicle checks on paper it is difficult to manage and cumbersome.

The CheckedSafe solution solves this problem. The system allows real time reporting of defects, immediate notifications, end to end audit trail and a trend analysis for all the fleet. The CheckedSafe App is simple to use for drivers of any IT ability and once the check is synchronised to the back office, our comprehensive system allows the Transport manager or Fleet Manager to utilise that data to manage their fleet effectively and efficiently.

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Paper v Digital Vehicle Compliance

There is a proven saving on removing the paper based system and going digital, not only on the storage of all vehicle defect cards but on distribution, collection and manual data entry of each card. There are direct savings in terms of efficiency, time and of course money.

The peace of mind, knowing that all the daily walkround checks are completed whilst being notified in real time of any defects across your entire fleet adds value and helps stream line your operation. Reducing your administration costs associated with running a paper based system can be eliminated with staff redeployed into other more profitable areas of the business.

Track non-compliant workers who flout the rules with evidence based reporting which identifies repeat offenders who expose your company to financial risks and curtailments.

Real-time notification of defects on checks carried out at the roadside enable your service department to schedule their workflow and more importantly, order parts required before the vehicle has even returned, reducing off road time.

Paperless defect reporting and fleet maintenance

All for £1 (€1.25) per vehicle, per week

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Drivers’ app

Drivers can conduct their checks and report back using our easy-to-operate app

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Backend reporting

View comprehensive maintenance reports for all vehicles and all users in one convenient location with our portal

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GPS tags

With built-in GPS monitoring, our app can accurately pin-point the location of each check, providing full reliability

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Our software is DVSA-approved, so by submitting your compliance reports, your vehicles are less likely to be stopped for inspections

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