DVSA compliance and drivers

Driver Responsibilities:

A responsible person must undertake a daily walk around check, First User or a Vehicle Pre Use check prior to a vehicle leaving its base. As a driver, DVSA recommend this check is carried out before you first drive the vehicle on the road each day. Where more than one driver will use the vehicle during the day, the driver taking charge of a vehicle should make sure it is roadworthy and safe to drive by carrying out their own walk around check (Vehicle In-Service Check); however, due to HSE implications, practically this does not happen on all occasions, and only part checks maybe completed.

Implications for Drivers:

Drivers must be made aware of their legal responsibilities regarding vehicle condition and the procedures for reporting defects. Drivers share the responsibility for the vehicle’s roadworthiness with the operator. Drivers may be fined or prosecuted for the existence of defects found on the vehicles they drive if they are considered partly or wholly responsible for the existence of them. Failure to take these responsibilities seriously could result in the loss of the driver’s licence to drive. This also relates back to the Operator if a driver is curtailed for his failing a mark against the operator may also be recorded.

Drivers and Checkedsafe:

Drivers must be able to report promptly any defects that could adversely affect the safe operation of vehicles. Currently daily checks are conducted using Paper or Vehicle Defect Cards, with the Checkedsafe App, we offer an solution through mobile application that can take away the hassle, minimise the time and help you complete a drivers daily walk around check effectively.  Any fails on this report will be immediately sent to your transport manager for assessment and review. The cost to undertake this on a mobile device is less than sending an email.

Paperless defect reporting and fleet maintenance

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Drivers’ app

Drivers can conduct their checks and report back using our easy-to-operate app

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Backend reporting

View comprehensive maintenance reports for all vehicles and all users in one convenient location with our portal

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GPS tags

With built-in GPS monitoring, our app can accurately pin-point the location of each check, providing full reliability

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Our software is DVSA-approved, so by submitting your compliance reports, your vehicles are less likely to be stopped for inspections

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