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Workshop Management

A comprehensive maintenance management system

Digitise your fleet maintenance processes to better track your preventative maintenance, routine inspections and repairs. Fully manage in-house or outsourced service/inspections while remaining compliant and improving productivity.

Keeping records of all your defects, repairs and maintenance conducted on each vehicle is a thankless task but unfortunately is a condition of your operator’s license.

These records should include:

  • when the vehicle had its last Annual Roadworthiness Test (MOT);
  • details of what maintenance was carried out;
  • details of all defects reported by the driver;
  • details of when defects were rectified;
  • PMI Checks and Ad Hoc/unplanned servicing
  • Wheel Torque Records
  • and parts, service invoices and labour costs.

Using CheckedSafe enables you to keep all these important documents in the online Dedicated Vehicle file, thus making it easy to monitor the reliability and cost of maintaining each vehicle whilst providing information to ensure compliance.

Online Digital Vehicle File

Upload, Schedule and Notifications
  • Job Cards

    Upload all relevant Job cards to the particular Vehicle

  • Invoicing

    Keep track of all vehicle invoices by vehicle registration number

  • Warranties

    Easy storage of all service and parts warranties

  • MOT and Road Tax

    Upload all copies of the vehicle’s MOT certificates and Road tax

  • Brake Testing

    Upload Brake test results and schedule reminders

  • PMI and Ad-hoc

    Upload and schedule important service dates and intervals

  • Tachograph Records

    Store Tachograph calibration records in the vehicle file.

  • Insurance Documents

    Ensure your never miss an Insurance renewal date by simply setting a reminder

Job Sheets

Easily track all your Job cards and repair documents for each vehicle or asset. Our document management allows you to upload important information as well as attaching your own files to each vehicle registration or asset ID.

Details of any repairs or other corrective actions carried out by a suitably qualified person, which can be where the repair or other corrective action was carried out, a copy of the invoice or receipt issued in relation to the inspection or maintenance as well as any replacement parts or components that were required. These are now at your fingertips and stored in the dedicated vehicle file.

There are no limits on the number of records, documents or storage space and can be accessed and viewed in real time from any internet enabled device.

Whilst there is no need to download these documents as they are stored online, they are available to download if choose to do so.


PMI Inspection Reports

­­­­You can choose to eradicate paperwork altogether by using the CheckedSafe App to carry out your vehicle PMI Checks. (You can if you prefer still use the traditional method and simply upload the finished document tagging it to the vehicle).

Our easy to use App can make it a paperless process and your engineers can undertake a check on their smartphone or tablets.

You may choose to simply upload your current paper copies, CheckedSafe allows documents to be loaded to each vehicle and you will be able to keep all you maintenance documents with the daily defects in the cloud ready for access or inspection at any time.

Once documents are uploaded into the system, calendar reminders can be set to remind you of the next scheduled PMI (eg. 6,8,10 weeks of whatever you choose)

The CheckedSafe CMS also enables you to view past and upcoming inspection details, schedule and plan Ad hoc inspections.

Brake Testing

If deficiencies in brake performance have been identified either during the use of the vehicle or trailer or at the safety inspection a measured brake efficiency test must be carried out.

This efficiency test must confirm the brakes are performing satisfactorily before the vehicle or trailer can be considered as roadworthy.

The results of the brake test must be kept as evidence of repair/maintenance with the operator’s maintenance documentation and can be included as one of the brake tests required under the operator’s O-licence meet the minimum requirement.


Invoices for Parts and Labour

Store all your invoices for work carried out, parts required and workshop hours against the particular vehicle that the work was undertaken on. You can allocate and upload an invoice to the individual check document or the vehicle document section.

Warranties and Guarantees

Replacement parts or work carried out will often come with warranties or guarantees but you can never seem to find them when you need them. Using the CheckedSafe Workshop management system enables you to store all these documents against each vehicle/asset.

Tacograph Calibration Records

Both analogue and digital tachograph heads must be calibrated. Each Tachograph head fitted will need to undergo calibration checks every two years from the date of manufacture. Every six years they should undergo a full calibration. These records can be uploaded to the system.

Schedule And Notifications

If its has an end date/renewal date simply “set a reminder”
  • Upload/Download Documents

    Upload any maintenance document in popular formats like word, excel, jpeg and PDF, download and view the document as required.

  • Create/Cancel Notifications

    Set reminders and notifications for any document in the dedicated vehicle file, set different reminder periods from daily, monthly or annually.

  • Schedule And Planning

    Schedule important service dates and intervals, set notifications to be reminded and see upcoming events.

It’s vital that all inspections, preventative maintenance, registrations, insurance policies, etc., remain in good order and accessible. With so many dates to remember, our system will make sure you never miss another one!

The data captured or uploaded is recorded/stored in the CheckedSafe CMS where you can view past and upcoming inspection details, schedule and plan Ad hoc inspections or document an unplanned service inspection.

This provides you with a  maintenance solution with the flexibility to intensify or otherwise change the frequency of inspections. As such vehicles are better maintained and retain their value for longer.

Other Documents That Can Be Stored

Ever struggled to find a Mot Certificate, Service Record or Compliance documentation for a vehicle or even a Driving License, CPC or training record for one of your drivers? CheckedSafe clients don’t! Using CheckedSafe gives you access to your own “Document Digital Vault” here you can store all your data specific to a vehicle or asset and driver. Unlike paperwork which can be cumbersome, lost or even stolen, CheckedSafe Document Vault gives you access to any document on demand whether in or outside the office 24/7 using any Web Browser.

Key Benefits:

  • CheckedSafe Document Vault ensures your vehicle service, inspection and compliance records are safely and securely stored online.
  • All drivers and user licenses, certificates and training records in one place.
  • Access records instantly no more lost paperwork.
  • Full audit trial of all activities and transactions.
  • Streamline operational processes.
  • Any document in the system can be downloaded and printed as required.
  • Instant access online and on-demand 24/7 from any location.
  • Set important reminders and notifications for documents stored in the Vault so you never forget another document update date

Vehicle Compliance for only £1 per vehicle per week, with unlimited users!

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