Daily Wheel Security Checks
Wheel Torque and Re-Torque Checks

Clear End To End Audit Trail

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Wheel Security Checks

Drivers Visual Inspection Check

As part of their pre-use checks, drivers must carry out a visual inspection of the vehicle wheels for security and damage. Drivers are legally required to report any defects.

By using the CheckedSafe system, your drivers can report issues in real time and any defects they come across when inspecting they wheels.Things to look out for are:

  • signs of damage to nuts, studs etc
  • cracked wheels, nuts, washers etc
  • distorted rims
  • elongation of stud holes
  • missing, broken or loose fixings/components
  • signs of wheel looseness
  • bright metal in the area of nut and washer seating
  • rust that can be seen radiating out from the area of the nut and washer
  • the position of wheel nut indicator devices (if fitted), which can indicate if wheel nuts have moved
  • blocked ventilation holes

Any reports created are available from within the CheckedSafe Compliance Management System. The reports will show any defect(s) reported and how they were rectified.

Wheel Torque And Re-Torque Procedure

It is vital that following a wheel fitting (Phase 1 – see below), the wheel nuts must be re-torqued in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines after the vehicle has stood for a period of approximately 30 minutes (Phase 2), whether the vehicle has moved or not, and preferably after 40-80 kilometres (Phase 3) using a calibrated torque wrench set to the manufacturer’s specified torque value.

Using CheckedSafe to record the wheel torque and re-torque procedure through the different phases ensures full compliance with the regulations and forms a clear audit trail of all wheel and fixings work, including which parts were renewed, by whom and when.

The CheckedSafe solution allows real time reporting of the wheel torque and re-torque procedure, creates an end to end audit trail and informs the driver as to what stage the torque procedure is at (On the occasion when a torque procedure has begun but the re-torque as not yet be completed). This ensures nothing is missed during the procedure.

The CheckedSafe App and system is simple to use for drivers or engineers of any IT ability and once the check is synchronised to the back office, our comprehensive system allows the Transport manager or Fleet Manager to utilise that data to manage their fleet effectively and efficiently. Don’t struggle with paper, use CheckedSafe.


DVSA Vehicle Compliance-Redefined

1st Torque Check

Wheels On-Vehicle Off Ground Check

Tamper Proof

Once data is recorded on the Checkedsafe App, it cannot be altered in any way as it is a fully secured service.

2nd Re-Torque Checks

30 Minute-Vehicle on ground Check

Clear End To End Audit Trail

Full compliancy process audit from defect reporting through to repair. Add notes, serviceable remarks and clear defects.

3rd Wheel Torque Check

50kms Vehicle Movement Check

Platform Availability

Designed for Android and Apple mobile devices, Checkedsafe also runs on tablet (Android) and iPads and is also available on the Tom Tom platform.

Simple Mobile App. Intelligent Transport Management

Checkedsafe Vehicle Compliance-Developing and evolving as industry regulations change

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