Vehicle Compliance For Your Sector

A responsible person must undertake a Daily Walk Around Check, First User Check or even a Pre-Use Check prior to a vehicle or equipment leaving its base or being used. The DVSA and the HSE recommend this check is carried out before you first drive or use the vehicle or equipment. Where more than one driver/user will use the apparatus during the day, the driver/user taking charge of it should make sure it is roadworthy in the case of a road vehicle or useable if not and that it should be safe by carrying out their own check.

The rules and guidelines maybe different for you sector so we have complied a “What You Need To Know” section to keep you up to date.

Bus And Coach Compliance

Bus and coach drivers should always conduct a First User Check of the vehicle before first use (it is a mandatory requirement). Some call this a first user check some call it the daily

HGV/ Truck Vehicle Compliance

Failure to implement a procedure to undertake the mandatory daily walk round check (first use inspection) leaves you as the operator liable for any consequences that arise as a result …

Fleet Vehicle Compliance

Road safety, is a vital aspect of fleet management within any business, since vehicles off the road whether by reason of accidents or defects can harm empl…

Plant Vehicle Compliance

Maintenance to plant equipment is carried out to prevent problems arising, to put faults right, and to ensure equipment is working effectively so that the user is safe working with the equipment…

Fork Lift Truck

Monitoring daily checks carried out on paper is a problem for most organisations but thankfully there is a now a better way. It is now possible to do the same check on a smartphone…

Material Handling

Coming Soon

DVSA Compliance- The Rules Are Changing

Are You Ready For DVSA Earned Recognition?

Having an effective way to report defects should be a key part of your vehicle maintenance regime. It is mandatory after all! DVSA have identified that 85% of defects found at roadside inspections could have been avoided if the driver had carried out a “proper” walk round check before starting the journey.
Operators are often called to public inquiries because drivers have missed defects during their walk round checks, or in some cases haven’t done checks at all. Further there is often no system to “check the checker”.

Drivers aren’t expected to be mechanics but their vehicles should be in a good roadworthy condition before they go out on the road. The sanctions if they are not are severe. Using the App ensures that they get it right.

Rule changes are coming over the next 3 years such that by 2018 DVSA will have powers over all commercial vehicles and will be looking for operators to self-audit, a process that DVSA call “earned recognition”. Under the “earned recognition” scheme DVSA will want to see your Data to police compliance. By using the CheckedSafe App with it’s 100% secure Data handling you can demonstrate to DVSA that you are compliant.
We firmly believe that DVSA are edging forward into digital compliance and with our App you can stay ahead of the curve.

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