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Periodic Maintenance Inspection Checks

Best Practices For Fleet Operators

Holders of Operating licences are under a duty to ensure that regular pre-planned periodic or preventative maintenance inspections (PMIs) covering roadworthiness issues are carried out. The frequency of inspections will need to be agreed between the operator and the Traffic Commissioner. DVSA’s Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness. Provides comprehensive information on how the process should be managed and implemented. It is mandatory.

Digital PMI's

Periodic Maintenance Inspection Checks

CheckedSafe’s award winning solution can help you manage your maintenance schedule throughout the life of your vehicle. You can choose to eradicate paperwork altogether by using the CheckedSafe App to carry out your vehicle PMI Checks. (You can if you prefer, still use the traditional paper method and simply upload the finished document to the vehicle log).

Our simple and easy to use App can make carrying out the PMI a paperless process. Engineers are able to undertake a check on their smartphone or tablets. The PMI check can also be carried out by internal or external engineers with all reports being stored against the vehicle registration number, showing a chronological timeline of events. In addition, you can upload to the system any other documents relating to the check such as copies of brake tests, wheel torque records, warranties in relation to parts used. These are all stored against each vehicle log so that full records are kept.

You may choose to simply upload your current paper copies, if so CheckedSafe allows documents to be loaded to each vehicle and you will be able to keep all you maintenance documents with the daily defects in the cloud ready for access or inspection at any time. Any paperwork uploaded to the system can be stored against the relevant vehicle.

The CheckedSafe CMS also enables you to view past and upcoming inspection details, schedule and plan Ad hoc inspections/servicing/pre-MOT or document an unplanned service inspection.

DVSA Vehicle Compliance-Redefined

Inspection And Servicing

Quick and effective Inspection, Service and PMI Templates for HGV,PSV, (PCV) LGV, which can be used by internal or external engineers.

Tamper Proof

Once data is recorded on the Checkedsafe App, it cannot be altered in any way as it is a fully secured service.

Schedule And Notifications

Schedule important service dates and intervals set notifications to be reminded and see upcoming events.

Clear End To End Audit Trail

Full compliancy process audit from defect reporting through to repair. Add notes, serviceable remarks and clear defects.

Document Storage

Enables you to upload vehicle details, inspections and driver records, which are securely stored online and accessible 24/7 from any location.

Platform Availability

Designed for Android and Apple mobile devices, Checkedsafe also runs on tablet (Android) and iPads and is also available on the Tom Tom platform.


Scheduling and record keeping.

PMI maintenance can be scheduled manually using traditional wall charts or by using online fleet maintenance and management software.

Manual systems can be tedious and time-consuming to manage, especially for larger fleets. These days, technology is affordable, even for the smallest fleet.

The CheckedSafe solution is specifically designed for fleet management and maintenance and is a more efficient method for gathering timely reports on all aspects of fleet operations. Reports can be generated faster and more accurately, allowing the fleet manager to make timely proactive decisions.

A properly maintained vehicle provides the lowest operating cost. If a vehicle is running poorly, it is prone to costly breakdowns, higher fuel costs and additional maintenance and repair.

Using data collected from tracking vehicle defect reporting and PMI’s within the CheckedSafe CMS will improve efficiency and will help keep your vehicles safe and dependable, reduce vehicle operating costs and minimize breakdowns, road calls and downtime.

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Checkedsafe Vehicle Compliance-Developing and evolving as industry regulations change

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