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Lone Worker

CheckedSafe Lone Worker App

The CheckedSafe LoneWorker App is a smartphone/tablet-based App designed to offer increased levels of protection for all loneworkers.

This easy to use App works in tandem with the CheckedSafe Lone Worker Hub which provides the monitoring team access to the online dashboard to enable employers to view, monitor and respond to any Lone Worker requirements.

Using the smartphone built-in GPS/LBS location tracking technology employers can easily view and pinpoint the loneworker’s accurate location details and respond as required.

Lone Worker Key Features

  • SOS Alert button/ Panic button.
  • Worker Down Alerts
  • Welfare Checks
  • Group Notifications
  • Lone Worker Map
  • Complies with relevant BS8484 criteria.
  • Non-Over-rideable Alarm.
  • None or low outlay, App can be downloaded to the employee’s phone.
  • Improve the speed of response to assist staff.
  • Reports available if required for health & safety purposes.

Lone Worker App


SOS Red Alert

The SOS Alert feature helps lone workers who may be in trouble. Any time they feel at risk or in need of support, they simply press the SOS button on their device.

When the SOS alert is triggered, the lone worker monitoring team will be notified immediately via email and/or via the Lone Worker hub. Important information such as the lone worker’s current location and telephone number will also be sent so that the alert can be verified, and assistance sent directly to them if required.

Monitoring is self-managed by your company and you can assign a lone worker monitoring team who will receive notifications of an alert and will know how to respond according to the company’s policy. Any verified alerts can be escalated to other lone workers close by or to the emergency services along with any additional information provided by the lone worker system, such as location and relevant notes.


Welfare Check

Welfare Check is a periodic welfare ‘check-in’ system which can be actioned by the lone worker or requested by the lone worker monitoring team. The lone worker simply confirms their welfare by pressing “Check In” or replying to a “Check-In” request, therefore giving the lone worker the reassurance that they are being monitored.

A requested “Welfare Check” is generated by the lone worker monitoring team, who can select any active lone worker for a “welfare check”, once requested, the active lone worker will receive a push notification asking them to check in, to which they simply press “Check-In”. All welfare check-ins are easily identified in the Lone worker hub and show the date, time and location of each welfare check.

In the event that a worker doesn’t respond, the lone worker monitoring team can call the active lone worker, ask other nearby lone workers for verification or escalate to the emergency services.


Worker Down

Coming Soon

Slips, trips and falls are particular risks for lone workers in certain job functions. Whether they’re up a ladder or operating a crane, these workers are especially vulnerable, but equally, people working alone at home or in remote locations can be subject to these risks.

Using motion-sensor technology in mobile devices, the lone worker app can monitor a lone worker’s position and orientation, this feature reacts to problems as they happen. If a lone worker is static for too long, whether they’re vertical or horizontal and can even record a sudden fall all of which could indicate that a lone worker requires emergency help.

In this situation, a “Worker Down” notification alert is sent to the lone worker monitoring team who can call the worker’s, view other nearby lone workers and either dispatches them to the location or notify the emergency services and ask them to attend.


Group Notifications

Our group-wide notifications feature is a way to warn groups of lone workers of the hazards they might face – and how to avoid them. With group notifications, line managers and supervisors can send critical and urgent alerts to workers in the event of an emergency.

Group notifications can be used in various circumstances to alert or update staff, for instance, there might be a severe weather warning or a terror alert in a particular geographical area.

Your lone workers can often hear about alert and events via social media however, as a company, it’s important that you have the means of communicating to your workers a, fast, clear and consistent message about an alert or warning.

Another use for the group-wide notifications could simply be for reminders or daily tasks.

Lone Worker Management

CheckedSafe Lone Worker Hub

What do you use now? Simply using a LoneWorker policy will not constitute as an effective and compliant solution, you need to have the ability for managers and administrators within your organisation to effectively review, monitor and maintain control of your lone workers.

The CheckedSafe Lone Worker Hub gives clear visibility on every lone worker, view their locations and report on usage, administrate welfare check-in’s, access heat maps and other information, as well as manage your account, all in real time.

Our client support team are on hand to give you on-going support throughout your contract but with the CheckedSafe Lone Worker Hub, you will also have the freedom to manage your own lone worker procedures and protocols.

This is a huge cost benefit to most organisations as you are not paying monitoring stations to track your lone workers.

Lone Worker Key Features

Flexible Check-In Procedures: The Lone Worker Hub allows administrators to define each user’s check-in procedure and time intervals. Real-Time Updates: Our web-based hub can be accessed 24/7 by the monitoring team on any internet compatible device; our secure online interface instantly displays the information on active lone workers.

Reporting, tracking and locating, the monitoring team can view lone worker locations in real-time using satellite and street maps to track locations. Download Reports: all reports can be generated as a PDF/ Excel and can be easily downloaded for further analysis and KPI reporting.

Clear reports from any incidents such as SOS calls. Proactive solution: Unlike most LoneWorker solutions the CheckedSafe LoneWorker solution raises an alarm when an incident occurs and further our pro-active solution triggers an alert when a lone worker fails to check in. This means you can tackle problems before they become critical.

Lone Worker Management




CheckedSafe uses the GPS on the driver’s mobile device to pinpoint their location when they are Lone Working. The map location is included in the resulting report.

View and Monitor

Remotely view and monitor all Lone Workers in real time, view recently finished and overdue lone workers with responses sent to the dashbaord at pre-defined intervals.

Heat Map

We use the mobile device’s motion sensors to track the Lone Workers movements which creates a heat map, pinpointing the movements taken in the location identified in the resulting map

Improved Response

The quicker you know, the quicker you can respond to a Lone Worker who is either in distress or needs urgent medical attention.


View And Monitor

The CheckedSafe lone worker hub has been designed to aid in the monitoring and viewing of all lone workers with many features and benefits which include…

Real-Time Updates: Our secure online dashboard is accessible 24/7 and instantly displays in real-time the required information and a map view on all your lone workers.

Locating and Tracking: View all lone workers using map view, which can be expanded to pinpoint their exact location and historical movements along with alarm actions.

Lone Worker Map

View lone worker locations based on:

  • Active Lone workers
  • Lone Worker Recently Ended
  • Lone Worker Ended
  • Lone Worker Immediate assistance required

In the event of an emergency, quickly view other nearby lone workers who can verify the alert, offer assistance or request the alert be escalated to the emergency services.


Key Features

SOS Alert

If you receive an SOS Alert notification, you can access the Lone worker dashboard, view the lone workers real-time GPS location, contact details and view any other Lone workers nearby that could assist, whilst recording all the action taken to ensure the user’s well-being and also record false alarms.

Welfare Check

Initiate Lone Worker “Welfare Checks” from the lone worker dashboard, monitor responses. In the event that a worker doesn’t respond, the lone worker monitoring team can call the active lone worker, ask other nearby lone workers for verification or escalate to the emergency services.

Worker Down (Coming Soon)

Set the parameters and tolerance for the mobile devices motion sensors to detect no and rapid movement which may indicate that a worker is immobile or has fallen, which generates an alert and can be viewed in the Lone worker system.

Group Notifications

In some circumstances, such as extreme weather or terror alert, you can target warning messages to specific individuals or users.


Notifications and Reporting

Lone worker monitoring teams will commonly have escalation contacts, who not only monitor the lone worker but who are responsible for checking up on them if they require SOS assistance, go worker down or are overdue.

Having the ability to predefine your notifications enables the designated recipients to receive the correct notifications.

An example would be:

Lone Worker Monitoring Team: Receive all alerts

Lone Worker Escalation Contacts: Receive SOS, Overdue and Worker Down Alerts

Predefine which notifications to receive:

  • Lone Worker Started
  • Lone Worker Overdue
  • Lone Worker SOS
  • Worker Down
  • Lone Worker Ended

You can also set how you would like to receive these notifications, either by email or text (text notifications are an additional charge)

Reporting: Record all the action taken to ensure the user’s well-being and also record false alarms. All reports can be generated as a PDF/ Excel and can be easily downloaded for further analysis and KPI reporting.

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