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CheckedSafe Lone Worker App

The Checkedsafe LoneWorker App is a smartphone/tablet based App designed to offer increased levels of protection for all loneworkers. This easy to use App works in tandem with the Checkedsafe Compliance Management System(CMS) suite which provides supervisors and management access to the online dashboard to enable employers to monitor and respond to any LoneWorker requirements. Using the smartphone’s built in GPS/LBS location tracking technology employers can easily pinpoint the loneworker’s accurate location details and respond as required.

Lone Worker Features

  • Complies with relevant BS8484 criteria.
  • Non Over-rideable Alarm (alarm sounds regardless of volume settings).
  • None or low outlay, App can be downloaded to employee’s phone.
  • Improve speed of response to assist staff.
  • Panic button/ emergency button.
  • Reports available if required for health & safety purposes.

Checkedsafe Lone Worker Features

Smart, Simple And User Friendly!
  • Geo Tag

    Checkedsafe uses the GPS on the driver’s mobile device to pin point their location when they are Lone Working. The map location is included in the resulting report.

  • Monitor Lone Workers

    Remotely monitor all Lone Workers in real time, with responses sent to the CMS at pre-defined intervals.

  • SOS-Panic Button

    Real time alerts which notify the line manager on the last known location of the Lone Worker once pressed.

  • Platform Availability

    Designed for Android and Apple mobile devices, Checkedsafe also runs on tablet (Android) and iPads.

  • Heat Map

    We use the mobile device’s motion sensors to track the Lone Workers movements which creates a heat map, pinpointing the movements taken in the location identified in the resulting map.

  • Improved Response

    The quicker you know, the quicker you can respond to a Lone Worker who is either in distress or needs urgent medical attention.

Key Benefits


The Checkedsafe Lone Worker App is quick to install and simple to use. Once launched the employee has the security and protection of knowing they are being monitored by their employer should any situation arise. The Checkedsafe Compliance Management System (CMS) dashboard enables the employer to view the loneworkers location and respond quickly and effectively to any incident that might arise.


Our web-based Checkedsafe Compliance Managment System (CMS) dashboard enables you to visibly see the locations of all your active loneworkers and the past locations of non-active ones. The CMS can be accessed 24/7 and on any internet compatible device and reports can be generated in PDF/ Excel format for further analysis.


As an employer it is important not just to have LoneWorker systems in place but to ensure that such systems are effective. With the threat of the Corporate Manslaughter Act 2008 and the Health and Safety (Offences Act 2008) it is important to do all you can to protect employees. If your systems are ineffective it may be proven that your systems and procedures, you use are not actually protecting your loneworkers which could put you in breach of your duty of care. You can substantially reduce this risk by simply using Checkedsafe Lone Worker.


Protection For Your Lone Workers

Checkedsafe LoneWorker App offers increased levels of protection for your Lone Workers on their smartphones. Installation is quick and easy, you simply download the App to your phone and once your details have been added to the Checkedsafe Compliance Management System (CMS), the App is live.

On opening the App, simply log in and you will see a very simple to use interface where a timer screen will appear. 

Monitor And View Your Lone Workers

“Start Lone Worker Timer” Once pressed and set to the required time the LoneWorker App will start to countdown and your status can be monitored and viewed on the Checkedsafe Compliance Management System (CMS) database, this will indicate to your line manager that you are active and they will be able view your location and see your movements on a heat map.

Check-In and Panic Button

The Checkedsafe LoneWorker App is fitted with a “Check In” and “Panic Button”. The Employer if required can request the LoneWorker to check in. The Panic button when pressed will alert the line manager who will be able to see the Loneworkers latest location and direct any help as required. If the timer expires before the LoneWorker has checked in an email will be sent to the line manager indicating that a LoneWorker has not checked In/Ended timer.

Checkedsafe Compliance Management System

Lone Worker Management

What do you use now? Simply using a LoneWorker policy will not constitute as an effective and compliant solution, you need to have the ability for management and administrators within your organisation to effectively review, monitor and maintain control of your loneworkers.

The Checkedsafe Compliance Management System gives clear visibility to report on usage, add and delete users, change check in parameters, access heat maps and location information, as well as manage your account, all in real time. Our client support team are on hand to give you on-going support throughout your contract but with the Checkedsafe Compliance Management System, you will also have the freedom to manage your own lone worker procedures and protocols. This is a huge cost benefit to most organisations as you are not paying monitoring stations to track your loneworkers.

Features Include

Flexible Check-In Procedures: The CMS allows administrators to define each user’s check-In procedure and time intervals. Real-Time Updates: Our web based CMS can be accessed 24/7 by administrators on any internet compatible device; our secure online interface instantly displays the information on active lone workers. Reporting, Tracking and Locating, administrators can view lone worker locations in real-time using satellite and street maps to track locations. Download Reports: all reports can be generated as a PDF/ Excel and can be easily downloaded for further analysis and KPI reporting.

Clear reports from any incidents such as SOS calls. Pro Active solution: Unlike most LoneWorker solutions the CheckedSafe LoneWorker solution raises an alarm when an incident occurs and further our pro-active solution triggers an alert when a lone worker fails to check in. This means you can tackle problems before they become critical.


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