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The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) is a voluntary accreditation scheme encompassing all aspects of safety, fuel efficiency, vehicle emissions and improved operations.

FORS helps fleet operators to measure and monitor performance and alter their operations in order to demonstrate best practice. It is open to operators of vans, lorries, mini-buses, coaches and other vehicles, and to the organisations that award contracts to those operators.

FORS benefits operators who want to:

  • Improve road safety
  • Reduce the incidence of fines and other charges
  • Reduce fuel emissions and enhance fuel efficiency
  • Gain greater industry intelligence and networking opportunities
  • Stand out from the crowd

FORS Daily Walkaround Checks

Using CheckedSafe

FORS Operators are required to check vehicles, trailers and specialist equipment for defects immediately before they are used.

To ensure that all vehicles, trailers and specialist equipment operate on the roads safely, within the law and with consideration of the environment.

FORS operators shall have a daily walkaround check and defect reporting procedure in place for all vehicles, trailers and specialist equipment. This shall include the undertaking of walkaround checks by drivers before vehicles are used on the road each day, with a minimum of one check within each 24 hours.

The walkaround check procedure shall include an inspection of the whole vehicle, trailer and any specialist equipment. In particular, the walkaround check shall cover the serviceability of:

  • Wheels and tyres
  • Brakes and steering
  • Lights and markers
  • Mirrors and window glass
  • Obstructions to driver vision
  • Bodywork condition
  • Fluid levels and any leakages
  • Vehicle safety equipment

FORS Vehicle safety equipment checks

In addition to the above, the following safety equipment needs to be installed and checked
FORS Bronze
  • Close-proximity mirrors
  • Side under-run protection
  • Blind spot warning signage
FORS Silver
  • Close-proximity sensors and blind spot camera
  • Audible warning system for vehicle turning left
  • Audible warning system for vehicle reversing
  • Rear view camera for vehicles over 7.5 tonnes gross weight

Where a tolerance has been accepted at Silver requirement S6 to allow for older vehicles in the fleet replacement cycle, all HGVs at Gold requirement G6 (irrespective of age) shall be fitted with:


  •  A camera system that monitors the near-side vehicle blind spot
  •  An in-cab display screen to provide the driver with a view of the near-side blind spot

CheckedSafe and FORS

Ensuring companies can improve compliance and effectively manage their fleets is at the heart of CheckedSafe and we are pleased to be supporting FORS and its members to help them do this more effectively.

Darran Harris, CheckedSafe Director and Solicitor says “With our software, FORS members can better plan, execute and monitor their transport operations to make them even more efficient, and, crucially, safety compliant.”

Paul Wilkes, FORS Business Services Manager said, “We are pleased to welcome CheckedSafe as a FORS Associate. CheckedSafe offers fleets a simple and effective solution to help them improve operations and to make daily checks quick and easy. It is important for FORS members to understand the importance of remaining compliant in the most efficient way to help them save time as well as money.”


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