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Digital Employee Records

Safe, Secure and Compliant

Are you sat on a mountain of paperwork?

It’s time to use a paperless document management system that saves not only paper but space and time too. CheckedSafe’s Digital Employee Records allows for easy online storage, scheduling and notifications for all of your employee records. Now, you won’t have to go and dig through endless rows of filing cabinets to find that one document you’re looking for. You’re a click away from exactly what you need.

Our Digital Employee Records can help you deliver complete, compliant, accessible digital records of your workforce – making your organisation more efficient. The result? Simplified management of worker-related documents – lowering operational costs.

Employee Records-Schedule And Notifications

If it has an end date/renewal date simply “set a reminder”
  • Upload/Download Documents

    Upload any employee record in popular formats like word, excel, jpeg and PDF, download and view the document as required.

  • Create/Cancel Notifications

    Set reminders and notifications for any document, set different reminder periods from daily, monthly or annually.

  • Schedule And Planning

    Schedule important renewal dates and intervals, set notifications to be reminded and see upcoming events.

Having all your employee details in one place reduces the need for paper copies and wall planners as well as increases efficiencies. Simple to use, manage and view all your important employee records and details, set reminders for upcoming events and renewals. With so many dates to remember, our system will make sure you never miss another one!

The Digital Employee Records lets you store all your important employee documents in a safe, secure location, with no limitations on storage and is accessible from any internet enabled device.

Examples of Records That Can Be Stored

Upload, Schedule and Notifications

Road Transport

  • Driving Licence

  • CPC Card

  • Staff Training

  • Any Other Employee Documents

Plant and Construction

  • CPCS, CSCS & NPORS Cards

  • Employee Driving Licence

  • All Training Records

  • Add Another Example Here

    Any Other Employee Records



  • Training

  • Training Certificates and Awards

  • Continued Monitoring and Assessment Reports

  • Any Other Employee Documents

Other Documents That Can Be Stored

Stop trawling through filing cabinets for lost paperwork, you can store any employee document online using our Digital Employee Record, you can upload anything from a copy of a driving licence, training and mandates to service records, leave and a whole host of other documents.

Using CheckedSafe gives you access to your own “Digital Employee Records” here you can store all your data specific to a user/driver. Unlike paperwork which can be cumbersome, lost or even stolen, CheckedSafe Digital Employee Records gives you access to any document on demand whether in or outside the office 24/7 using any Web Browser.

Key Benefits:

  • CheckedSafe Digital Employee Records ensures all your employee records are safely and securely stored online.
  • All drivers and user licenses, certificates and training records in one place.
  • Access records instantly no more lost paperwork.
  • Full audit trail of all activities and transactions.
  • Streamline operational processes.
  • Any document in the system can be downloaded and printed as required.
  • Instant access online and on-demand 24/7 from any location.
  • Set important reminders and notifications for documents stored in the system so you never forget another document update date

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