Records Incident date, time and Location
Unlimited images can be taken of the incident/accident
Legally defensible with indisputable information
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Commercial Vehicle Incident And Accident Reporting

Having a driver involved in an incident or accident can be a stressful and sometimes scary situation for them. They may be disoriented, confused, and unable to fully process what has happened. In the midst of this confusion, they may not be able to recall the details of the accident.

Collecting critical information and getting immediate help whilst at the scene is important.

Fortunately, CheckedSafe can help you in the aftermath of an incident. CheckedSafe users are familiar with digital reporting as they carry out daily inspection checks every day so the layout is instantly recognisable and does not add to an already stressful situation.

Our Incident/Accident reporting App, lets a driver record all crucial information at the scene of the incident whilst the CheckedSafe CMS stores the initial report, records any further notes which will be used in the accident management process, both of which are tamper proof and offer indisputable information.

Real Time Incident/Accident Reporting

Data Capture

Record critical and accurate information at the scene of an accident, capture driver, 3rd party, witnesses and police details.

Real Time Reporting

Real-time notification of any incidents/accidents, with details of what has occurred, where and who was involved.

Image Capture

Unlimited photographs of the vehicle and scene can be taken as well as the road conditions and the extent of the damage.

Reduce Vehicle Downtime

Receiving Incident/accident information quicker helps you to deal with claims sooner, organise repair and reduce the need for hire vehicles

Accident Location

Accident Location Capture provides more accurate data and a map of where an incident occurred

Reports And Record Keeping

Send reports to in-house claims department or your insurance broker/ insurance underwriter. Historical reports are also kept and are accessible 24/7

Accident Bump Card v Digital Reporting

The commercial vehicle incident/accident App is similar to the old paper-based “bump card”. However, unlike the bump card, the App collects the data contemporaneously including photographs, location, date and time (stamped) as well as the details of all parties involved in the accident.

As soon as the information is submitted, all the designated people (including brokers and/or insurers if you wish) will be instantly notified of the incident/accident, the driver may have requested immediate assistance so you either call them or view their location from within the CheckedSafe CMS and arrange assistance.

Receiving incident/accident information quicker helps the accident management process start earlier and you can deal with claims sooner, organise repair and reduce the need for replacement hire vehicles.

You might not have fewer accidents but with the speed of reporting using CheckedSafe you are lightly to save money dealing with future claims which will assist you with your insurers when it comes to policy renewal.


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