Geo-Fencing and Tracking

Beta Version Now Available

We have now, at long last, released a Beta version of our Geo-Fencing and Tracking solution. This is an inexpensive and simple alternative to traditional vehicle tracking and GPS hardware. It will enable operators to receive a notification when a vehicle leaves a depot without either having had a check or with an unresolved outstanding defect.  It also allows tracking of vehicles and users by way of a smartphone meaning that no other hardware is required. This new product can be purchased on its own or in tandem with our digital compliance solution.

It works by using smartphone GPS technology. The App transmits location, geo fence activities and journey data to our server. The system then displays the “live” location data as well as previous and frequent locations using a Google Map interface.

Geofencing enables you to easily create virtual geographic boundaries which can be drawn to fit any location to record when vehicles, assets or users have exited, passed through or ended their journeys (where the product is combined with our Vehicle compliance App)

We're looking for beta testers

We are looking for Beta testers and if this is of interest to you, please register here. We are prepared to offer Beta testers an extended free trial.

Beta Testing: Geo-Fencing and Tracking