CheckedSafe CMS

Version No 1.6.6 Automatically updated

What New In CMS V1.6.6

Released Feb 2020

Assign User Documents to App

App Version 2.04 (Android) Coming Soon to iOS

Previously we released our Digital Employee Records feature which helps you deliver complete, compliant and accessible digital records of your workforce – making your organisation more efficient. The result? Simplified management of worker-related documents – lowering operational costs.

New Feature: View User Documents in the CheckedSafe App

We have now released an update to our App and the back office wherein customers can upload user documents to the system and then publish them to the App such that when a user logs in to the App they can see a “Documents” section and access such documents uploaded.

There are 2 parts to this. The first is to upload a document to a user profile (See how here) and then publish or allocate that document to the relevant users. This can be done to all users, all Transport Manager’s, all Users or users on an individual basis.

When a user logs in to the App, they see the option called “Documents” and can see any document allocated to them. The interesting element to this is that the user who uploaded the document can see when the App user has last accessed that document and when. This is invaluable for things like driver induction documents, driver manuals, the Highway Code etc.

It is important for FORS members as well as this method can demonstrate a proper means of disseminating information to users with an appropriate audit trail.

Our suggestion would be to create a user in the system called Compliance or something similar such that documents can be uploaded to that user and allocated from there. In this way organisations can keep track of what documents are available and remove old documents that are no longer required.

We intend to develop this feature in due course to cover things like CPD (Continuing Professional Development), training and other areas.

The documents section has initially been released on the Android platform and will be released to Apple shortly.

Dark mode and light mode

App Version 2.03 and above

CheckedSafe Light mode is here!

CheckedSafe Light mode is a new app enhancement for our vehicle compliance and Dynamic Risk Assessment Apps, which now enables you to swap between dark and light mode, the current palette of dark grey/black to a brighter Light grey/white. The layout remains the same and only the colour palette will change.

There are several reasons why you might want to try the new light mode. First of all, some users find light backgrounds easier to use in dark environments or to look at for periods of time, as there’s less glare than you get with a dark coloured interface.

However, dark modes have become very popular in recent years, thanks to their ability to blacken interfaces, thereby reducing the strain on your eyes and simultaneously saving your device’s battery life.

The choice is yours

Previous Updates

What New In CMS V1.6.1.4

Released Jan 2020

UK Vehicle Data Lookup

CMS Version 1.6.4

In our effort to provide you with as much information on your fleet as possible we have connected with the DVLA database via and API to obtained virtually all of the data found in the V5 (Registration document)

This includes the following:

  • Vehicle Registration
  • Make
  • Model
  • Year Manufactured
  • Weight
  • Power
  • Torque
  • Dimensions
  • Vehicle Class

And much more.

We plan to develop this section further as part of our ongoing development so if you have any suggestions then please let us have them at

How to use: UK Vehicle Data Lookup

CMS Version 1.6.4

Existing Vehicle:

  • Navigate to “Vehicles” and select “View Vehicles”
  • In the field headers, navigate to “Data”
  • Click on the “Vehicle Data” icon
  • This will now give you the relevant data results

 Create New Asset:

  • Navigate to “Vehicles” and select “Create/Edit Vehicles”
  • Enter the vehicle/asset number
  • Vehicle or Equipment ID
  • Select the depot that it will belong too
  • Select the appropriate asset type from the category menu
  • Add start date
  • Add mileage and mileage date
  • Tick the box marked “Load Vehicle Data”
  • Press “Submit”

If the vehicle data does not appear, please press “Refresh Vehicle Data”

What New In CMS V1.6.0

Released Dec19

Vehicle Costs

CMS Version 1.6.0

When using and running vehicles for any business it is important to keep an eye on the costs of doing so. It is also important to be able to identify if certain vehicles are more expensive to run than others. Such knowledge will enable an informed decision to be made for tendering purposes or even which vehicles to buy or maybe not to buy next.

It is for this reason that we have now added a new “Vehicle Cost” feature to enable you to associate a cost to a vehicle or a particular defect. This will enable better management of vehicular costs and defects.

We have released a first version and depending on customer feedback we intend to build upon it relative to customer needs. It isn’t strictly a compliance tool, but we recognise that more and more customers want a one stop shop solution for compliance and fleet management and being able to calculate whole of life vehicle costs is an important feature.

There is no extra cost for using this feature.

How does it work? 

  • Navigate to “vehicles” and select “Vehicle Costs”
  • Select “Add New Vehicle Cost”
  • Choose the Vehicle Registration to associate the cost too.
  • If the cost relates to a defect, you can select it from the “Link Cost To Defect” dropdown menu
  • Enter the cost incurred date
  • Then enter a summary, description and costings incurred
  • Upload an invoice/receipt (not mandatory)

Asset Category

CMS Version 1.6.0

Easily categorise your vehicles or assets by selecting a vehicle or asset type from the “Category” dropdown menu. Initially created for our new auto- invoicing system, this new feature will soon develop into much more.

In the near future, all assets will be viewable by category type, you will be able to quickly assign the correct vehicle/asset checks to the appropriate asset type and improved reporting functionality will enable more granular asset type trend reports.

How to assign to a category?

 Existing Asset:

  • Navigate to “Vehicles” and select “View Vehicles”
  • Select the vehicle/asset number
  • Once open, locate the “Category” dropdown box.
  • Select the appropriate asset type
  • Press “Submit”

 Create New Asset:

  • Navigate to “Vehicles” and select “Create/Edit Vehicles”
  • Enter the vehicle/asset number
  • Vehicle or Equipment ID
  • Select the depot that it will belong too
  • Select the appropriate asset type from the category menu
  • Add start date
  • Add mileage and mileage date
  • Press “Submit”

Cleared Defects – Active Defects Screen

CMS Version 1.6.0

It has always been possible to filter the active and serviceable defects via the Active Defects screen. That element works very well.

To improve functionality, we have now added the ability to search for cleared defects so that customers can search for and identify cleared defects and also identify who has cleared them. This will also enable customers to spot trends in relation to repeat defects and of course who is doing the most work clearing defects!


What New In CMS V1.5.6

Released Sep 19

Weekly Summary

CMS Version 1.5.6
Introducing the “Weekly Summary” a powerful intelligence tool created to give you a more detailed analysis and overview on all areas of your fleet. It is effectively a to-do list for Transport Managers.
With the success of the Daily Summary email and live view, we’ve now added a Weekly Intelligence Summary to the CheckedSafe Solution.
Easily identify problem areas, non-compliance and target rectifications by putting your data to work, view upcoming planned maintenance and task reminders enabling you to keep on top of your fleet.

Previous week:

  • Total Checks done
  • Total defects marked serviceable
  • Total defects marked rectified
  • Total defects still outstanding
  • Driver Check Timing Performance (When check time validation is used)

Upcoming Week:

  • Active & Outstanding Defects
  • Upcoming Planned and Required Vehicle Maintenance (When Scheduling is used)
  • Documentation Reminders Upcoming This Week (When vehicle documents is used)
  • Active Defects Raised Against Road Safety Critical Items

Click Image to enlarge

How To Setup Email Notification:

  • Select “Team” and then “View Team”
  • Input your user details in the “User Login” field and press search
  • Select your name from the list
  • Navigate to “Email Summaries”
  • Select “Receive Weekly Email”
  • Select Day
  • Select depot (s)
  • Then press “Submit”

View Weekly Live View:

  • Navigate to “Checks and Inspections”
  • Select “Weekly Summary”

VOR View and Reason Options

CMS Version 1.5.6

In consultation with the DVSA we have now added a separate “Vehicle Off Road” tab which enables you to quickly view all your VOR History and record the various reasons why a vehicle might be marked VOR. Users can now view active, pending and ended VOR’s, view the reason why the vehicle is/was marked VOR and record any update or end the VOR. Users can also search the VOR history by field type.

Search By:

  • VOR Reason
  • VOR Status
  • VOR Note
  • Vehicle Registration Number

View VOR History:

  • Select “Vehicles”
  • And then select “Vehicle Off Road”

Enter and Record “VOR”

  • Select “Vehicle” and then “View Vehicles”
  • Input the vehicle registration in the “Vehicle Registration” field and press search
  • Select your registration number
  • Navigate to “VOR History”
  • Enter “Start” date and “End” date if known
  • Select a “Reason
  • Enter “Additional Information” (optional)
  • Enter “Current” mileage
  • Press “Submit”

Previous Updates

What New In App Version 1.24 and CMS V1.5.3

Released Jun 19

Wildcard Search

CMS Version 1.5.30

CheckedSafe is already packed with powerful search features that let you search for assets, defects, nil defects and other important information using filters and fields.

By using our new Wildcards search function, you can now search for almost anything in the Compliance Management System.

Let’s take a look.

In my example (see Video), I remember adding a note about a mirror housing, I know it was in the last month but I can’t recollect which vehicle it was for and who actually rectified it.

How To Use:

  • Navigate to “Checks and Inspections” then select “Wildcard”
  • Select a “depot”
  • Select a vehicle registration or leave blank for unknown
  • Enter a “Wildcard” (in this example “Housing”)
  • Enter a “Date Range”

Then press “Search”


  • All “Wildcard” results will be highlighted in yellow
  • All checks are sequentially ordered
  • You can view the check
  • View the vehicle/user

Check Time Validation

CMS Version 1.5.30

There is no minimum or maximum period on how long a Driver walk around check should take but commonly 15 minutes is used as an average however, this will be dependant on the size of the vehicle.

From CheckedSafe’s inception, we’d always had the ability to record not only the overall check time but the time difference between each individual question, when answered.


It’s fair to say that if a vehicle check only took 1:32 seconds, you would assume that the driver had raced through it and not carried out the check correctly and on the flip side of that, if you’re presented with a check that took 22 minutes, you may question why it took so long.

Now with the introduction of Check Time Validation, we can set the desired Minimum and Maximum check times (mins:secs) for every vehicle type based on your requirements.

Visual indicators clearly show whether the check has been carried out too quickly or taken to long based on your desired time durations

What New In App Version 1.26 and CMS V1.4.30

Released Jan 19

Assign Checks to Vehicles

CMS Version 1.4.30

You can now manually assign checks to a vehicle registration similar to assigning checks to a user.

Your company may have numerous checks available however, not every vehicle or driver would be required to see or use them.

You can now allocate checks specific to a user and vehicle registration.

So for example:

Demo Company has 4 different checks available to them, Car, Van, Rigid and HGV checks.

Using the Assign Checks to a user:

  • John will only drive a van so he will only be able to see and carry out a Van Check.

Using Assign Checks to a Vehicle Registration:

  • Vehicle Reg BB111ED is a Rigid vehicle and once the registration number is entered the user will only be to see and carry out a Daily Rigid Check.

Other Checks:

Commonly, companies have other check templates created/assigned to them, these could be “Near Miss”, “Defect During Service” and “Incident and Accident” report. All the non-vehicle specific checks will need to be allocated to both the user and vehicle registration number.


Bespoke Check Dashboard

CMS Version 1.4.30

Although primarily developed for vehicle inspection checks and compliance, we have a growing number of clients who use our software to manage other aspects of their business due to the simplicity and accuracy of CheckedSafe.

For example:

  • PPE Kit
  • Tools and Equipment
  • Facilities and Accommodation
  • Recording of work carried out
  • Maintenance

With this in mind, we’ve now enabled our dashboard and reporting to be customised and relevant to what you are actually completing a check on.

In most organisations, there are different people who are responsible for certain areas of the company and when they log into the CheckedSafe dashboard, they will see all the checks and information that is relevant to them.




Add General Note To Checks

CMS Version 1.4.30

In addition to marking a vehicle or asset “Serviceable” or “Clear” of defects, we have now included  “General Note”.

Adding a General Note to a specific defect enables the transport, line manager or engineer to add comments or remarks about the specific defect before the rectification process starts.

We often find that numerous people are involved in the rectification process and some defects are repaired internally and others externally.

The addition of a General Note will not render the vehicle/Asset as Serviceable or Clear/Rectified but will inform all managers and engineers of the particular defect status.


Vehicle Off Road Notification

App Version 1.24

Previously we added “Predictive Text Technology” to auto-populate the vehicle registration number as the user began to enter the first characters.

We’ve now added a Vehicle Off Road (VOR) notification that informs the driver “Not To Use” the vehicle and also stops them from performing a vehicle inspection on it.

All Transport Manager”s and Engineers will receive the same message however, they are able to carry out checks.

What New In App Version 1.21 and CMS V1.4.22

Released Aug 18

DVSA Earned Recognition Dashboard

CMS Version 1.4.22

CheckedSafe are an approved systems provider for the DVSA Earned Recognition (ER) scheme. To enable full reporting of the relevant data to the DVSA we have now updated and released a viewable dashboard to show customers what their current KPI rating is.

In tandem with the Scheduling system it allows customers to see at a glance where they are with Daily Checks, PMI Checks, Brake Checks, Wheel Torque checks etc.

We have also added an export button to allow the maintenance schedule to be printed off into an Excel document so for those customers who find it hard to let go of the paper wall planner they can now print the Excel to replicate the same.


Daily Summary

CMS Version 1.4.22

We released a few weeks ago a daily email summary that sent to customers, at a time configurable by them, a daily report on vehicles checked/not checked, users done checks/not done checked etc.

This has proved very popular so we have now added a real-time function summary to the dashboard that allows customers to see at any moment the current live information.

This is useful for comparison purposes so if the email is sent at 9.00AM and reveals for example vehicles not checked by checking the current live view they can see if those vehicles have now been checked.

Upload PMI via dashboard

CMS Version 1.4.22

One of the core elements of a digital system is that data cannot be manipulated or cheated. This is critical for the DVSA ER scheme and something that we take very seriously.

That is why data has to be real time and cannot be backdated. However, we understand from our customers that sometimes the records relating to maintenance /PMI checks can take a day or two to find their way from the dealer to the customer meaning that the date they enter the information can be a day or two after the work was done. This skews the data so far as record keeping is concerned so to enable customers to record when the work was actually done we have added a manual upload function whereby the user can add the document to the system and record in the system when the check/work was done.

This accords with the update to the Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness that was updated in April 2018. This will allow full compliance with the ER scheme and afford customers to comply with the PMI windows set out in the O-Licence. Customers will be required to add a note to explain any differential in the date from when the document is uploaded to when the work was done.

Same is required for audit purposes.


Notification When Defect Status Changes

CMS Version 1.4.22

At CheckedSafe we are acutely aware of how difficult the transport managers job is. On that basis, we strive to add innovation to help the TM and make the task of running the fleet easier. To that end we have now added a further report function such that as and when a defect is closed off or made serviceable the TM is notified by email to keep them in the loop.

This is especially useful where engineers or third-party repairers close of defects. The TM is required to cross-check such action and the email notification gives them a heads up to enable them to do so.

Help and Support

CMS Version 1.4.22

Need help getting started, want to keep up to date with the latest releases or watch video tutorials? Well, we’ve created a “Getting Started and Support site” where you can view the following:

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Watch Video Tutorials
  • Download User Guises
  • Learning Topics
  • Latest Industry News

You can submit a “Support Request” and one of our highly trained Customer Service Team will be happy to answer your query as soon as possible

If you have a good Idea of how you think we can improve CheckedSafe, we would love to hear from you so why not submit “Feature Request”?


Simply log in to the CheckedSafe CMS and navigate to “User Guides” where you will find:

  • Getting Started and Support Site
  • Latest Release Notes
  • Resting API
  • Privacy Policy

Hierarchy Structure

We have also added an admin function to our back office that allows us to print for customers their hierarchy structure which reveals the chain of command, vehicles/users per depot.

At the moment this function is only available via a request to us but if there is sufficient demand from our customers we will consider making the same available to customers.

What New In App Version 1.21 and CMS V1.4.18

Released July 18

One Check-Separate Results

CMS Version 1.4.18

We have just introduced a neat feature whereby multiple composite checks can be automatically split once submitted.

The better way to carry out checks has always been to do a separate check for each piece of kit but to accommodate drivers we created composite checks so a driver could check for example a Truck & Trailer together. This had the disadvantage of storing the whole check against the vehicle ID.

We have now updated the system to allow any composite checks that are carried out to be split when they reach the server allowing separate record keeping for each piece of kit.

This allows better management of kit and assets and also enables any documents relevant to each piece of kit to be stored in the system for instant recall.

In terms of record keeping since CheckedSafe is a multi-compliance solution, vehicle checks fall under DVSA regulations whereas PPE would come under HSE guidelines, having the ability to separate the checks enables you to satisfy each regulatory body and easily locate any relevant records.


What New In App Version 1.21 and CMS V1.4.12

Released June 18

Daily Email Summary

CMS Version 1.4.12

We have now added to the system the ability to send a daily configurable notification email to Transport Managers and Engineers identifying the status of the fleet.

The email identifies

1) Number of checks carried out
2) Vehicles checked/not checked
3) Outstanding defects/ serviceable defects
4) Users who have carried out checks/not carried out checks
5) If you have more than one depot the information is set out on a depot by depot basis.

The email notification can be set to report on the current day or previous day, skip weekends if you’re a 5-day operation and you can even set the desired time of when you want to receive the notification.

All of this information is already in the system and this email provides a helpful summary of the consolidated information.

The benefit being that you have a great overview of the immediate tasks to deal with.


Daily Vehicle Check Scheduling

CMS Version 1.4
  • Schedule daily vehicle checks.
  • Reconcile your schedule against vehicles checked with ease.
  • See your fleet in real time, VOR, unused and checked.
  • Create system generated KPI’s
  • Calendarised view to replacing wall planner
  • Add notes to checks
  • Automated KPI reporting to DVSA.
  • Excellent Fleet management tool even if not part of the ER scheme
  • Create schedules for daily run-outs
  • Create schedules for PMI’s
  • Create schedules for MOT’s, Brake Tests etc.

Plan And Schedule PMI/Safety Inspection Records

CMS Version 1.4
  • Schedule PMI Checks
  • Reconcile your schedule against vehicles checked with ease.
  • Demonstrate safety inspections are completed within the stated frequency.
  • Identify PMI checks due and prevent missed PMI’s
  • Identify MOT’s, Brake tests, Tacho calibration etc.
  • Create system generated KPI’s
  • Calendarised view to replacing wall planner
  • Add notes to PMI checks
  • Automated KPI reporting to DVSA.
  • Excellent Fleet management tool even if not part of the ER scheme

Mobile App Updates

CMS Version 1.21
  • Predictive Registration Entry

    We have now applied “Predictive Text Technology” to auto-populate the vehicle registration number as the user begins to enter the first characters. In this way, the user can quickly select the registration number as the list is narrowed down.

    The system will also remember the last registration entered which is useful for drivers using the same vehicle on a daily basis.

  • Store Images To Gallery

    We pride ourselves on the fact that our App works on most devices even older handsets with limited processing capability. Sometimes older devices can crash if several photos have been taken so to prevent any loss of data we have now updated our App to store the photos in the device gallery outside of the App. This ringfences the storage of data.

What New In App Version 1.16 and CMS V1.3.7

Out Now

View Vehicle Mileage

CMS Version 1.3.7
On every check, you are required to record the vehicle mileage and prior to this latest update a user had to view the actual check to find the mileage recorded.
To improve the functionality of the system we have now added a dedicated “Vehicle Mileage” page which enables you to view all your fleets mileage in one place, no need to trawl through each check.
Every time a driver/user performs a check on a vehicle/asset in your fleet, the mileage will automatically be updated and reflected in the “Vehicle Mileage” page.

How It Works?

Navigate to the “Vehicle” tab on left hand side bar, press “Vehicles” and the newly added “View Vehicle Mileage” will appear.

This will present you with a list of all your vehicle registration numbers/ asset ID’s, and will show the latest recorded mileage, the date the mileage was automatically added to the system and to which check the mileage was recorded on, which can be viewed.


Email Checks Direct From CMS

CMS Version 1.3.7

In the past, emailing specific reports meant that check had to be downloaded as a PDF,  you then needed to open your email client and attach the report to send.

Now, you can email the report directly from the “View Check” page or the specific “Check” page, no need to leave the CMS.

If the recipient has access to the CheckedSafe Compliance Management System, they can also follow the link within the email which will direct them to the specific check or they can download the check PDF to view and action.

How It Works?

From the “View Check” page, simply select a check by ticking the “Select” box, then press “Email Selected”. A new box will open, add the email recipient and any additional text that is required and then press send.

Alternatively, view the specific check and press “Email Check” again, a box will open add the email recipient and any additional text that is required and then press send.

Other Key Updates

CMS Version 1.3.7
  • Date Added To Delayed Emails

    On the rare occasion and often due to the driver/user carrying out a check “Off-Line” (No Signal) some defect notifications can be delayed. We have now added “Check Date” to each email so you quickly see which day the specific check is pertaining too and action accordingly.

  • Set Check Order From CMS

    If you’re using bespoke check templates, we can now set the ordering of how they appear on the App

What New In App Version 1.16 and CMS V1.3.6

View Active Defects/Serviceable Defects In Vehicle List View

CMS Version 1.3.6

The new and improved “Vehicle List” page now with improved functionality.

We have added visual indicators so you can quickly identify which vehicles/assets in your fleet have either an active or serviceable defect(s) recorded against them.

You may have a vehicle/asset in your fleet with 4 outstanding defects on it from 3 separate checks- by pressing “View Checks” this will bring up all the checks carried out on that vehicle/asset and you can action accordingly quickly and easily.

How It Works?

Navigate to the “Vehicle” tab on left hand side bar, press “View Vehicles” and your list of vehicles will appear.

Clearly distinguish which vehicle/asset has an active or serviceable defect recorded against it, either view the vehicle or view the checks for more information. By making this option more visual makes it much easier to manage your fleet.


Checks-View Active Defects

CMS Version 1.3.6

See all your outstanding defects in one place-You can now view all your active and serviceable defects in one location.

Unlike the “View Checks” page which offers a summary of each check that is carried out, the new “View Active Defect” goes one step further.

View all your outstanding defects, the vehicle/asset Id, reason for failure and any action taken on all your fleet without having to view each check.

Quickly and effortlessly update all your outstanding defects in one convenient location.

How It Works?

Navigate to the “Checks” tab on the left had side bar and press “View Active Defects”.

This will populate a list of all your Active and Serviceable defects, you can see what the vehicle/asset failed on, the reason for the failure and magnify the images for clarification.

Add serviceable notes, clear the defect or view the actual check report.

Other Key Updates

CMS Version 1.3.6
  • Default Manual Button

    Now when you create a new user, the “Exclude Manual Check” button is “on” by default, this disables the user from carrying out a check on an unregistered vehicle/asset (see registered and unregistered assets below). You can change this by simply pressing “Enable”

  • Add Device Version To Checks

    When viewing the checks, you will now clearly see the device, model number, device and App software versions. This is helpful if you need to know the current version of the App software your team are using.

  • Enabled Users Default

    Previously, all users whether enabled or disabled were visible on the list view, now only the enabled users are visible by default-You can still see your disabled team by simply selecting either “All or Disabled” from the drop down box.

  • Enabled Vehicle/Asset Default

    Similar to the Users, now only the enabled vehicles/assets are visible by default-You can still see your disabled vehicles/assets by simply selecting either “All or Disabled” from the drop down box.

  • Add Company Logo To Checks

    We can now add your Company logo to the Vehicle reports, simply send your logo to us and we can upload it for you.


What's New In App Version 1.16 and CMS V1.3.4

Vehicle Off Road History

CMS Version 1.3.4

Previously, you were able to mark a vehicle off road (VOR) simply by entering a date (VOR Start), enter a reason for the VOR and once the vehicle/asset was ready for service, you could simply “End” the VOR.

VOR History: The history of the VOR status is now available in the Compliance Management System, in the past you could only see the most relevant VOR statuses and although the we recoded the history, we have now made this available to our clients.

This will show all the VOR start and end dates, reason for the VOR, collate the total VOR day and also show who carried this out. The history for past VOR’s cannot be deleted.

How It Works?

Choose “Vehicles” from the sidebar, “View Vehicles” and then choose the particular vehicle/asset from the list and press “View”

Once the vehicle/asset opens, navigate to  “Vehicle Off Road?” and change the status, this will then open the VOR section where you can enter all the relevant information.


Other Key Updates In Version 1.3.4

  • Add Documents To A Check

    Similar to adding a document to a vehicle/asset or user, you can now add a document to an individual “Check”. This will also appear in the vehicle/asset document vault.

    Simply view the check, add any notes and upload any relevant documents, this could be a completed job card or invoice for that particular defect which was rectified.

  • Multi Depot Check By User

    This function allows a driver/user from another depot to carry out a check on a vehicle in another depot or the entire company, extremely useful if you have rotating driver/users across that work across regions.

  • Increased Dashboard Speed Efficiency

    A simple update to increase the dashboard load times with all graphs and charts loading individually.

What's New In App Version 1.16 and CMS V1.2.13

Instant Notifications

CMS Version 1.2.13

With the latest release of the CheckedSafe Vehicle Compliance App and Compliance Management System, all Transport/Line managers can now send an instant notification to the driver or user.

From the CMS, navigate to  “Team” view the team member and enter a message that you wish to send to the driver/user.

This function allows you to ask the driver/user to carry out a check, complete a different check or enter missing information.

How It Works?

Drivers will need to be using the latest version of the CheckedSafe App and will have to remain “logged In” to the CheckedSafe App to receive to ‘Instant Notifications”. If the driver/user has logged out, the message will be stored until they next login.


Registered and Unregistered Asset Checks

CMS Version 1.2.13
  • Registered Asset

    Registered assets are vehicles or assets that are already stored in the CheckedSafe CMS, you can add new ones very simply by going to the “Vehicle” field and pressing “Add or Edit”

  • Un Registered Assets

    From time to time you may need to use short term hire vehicles and unless you add them to the CMS before a driver carries out a check, you will need to carry out a “Manual Check”. This allows you to carry out a check on a non populated vehicle or asset.

  • Vehicle/Asset Assignment

    If a check is carried out on an unregistered vehicle or asset, you can manually assign the registration number by viewing the check and selecting a registration/asset number from the drop down box.

  • Disable Manual Checks

    Previously, some drivers have carried out checks by using the “Manual” button, this can now be disabled by driver or depot and ensures that the driver can only carry out a check on a pre-populated vehicle or asset.

Multiple Service Notes

CMS Version 1.2.13

In addition to marking a vehicle or asset “Serviceable” or “Clear” of defects, we have now added a “Notes” section.

Adding a Note to a vehicle or asset enables the transport, line manager or engineer to add comments or remarks about that particular check.

All data is date and time stamped so you see what was checked, when and by whom.


What's New In App Version 1.9

Checkedsafe Vehicle Compliance App

App Version 1.09

CheckedSafe have just launched their latest update to their award winning software.

Version 1.09 includes more subtle changes to both the Checkedsafe Mobile App and the Checkedsafe CMS (Compliance Management System) such as:

Enforce entry (when on the mobile app, checks can be configured to enforce a value to be entered before moving to the next page)
Image at fail – It is now possible to add an image on the item that has failed as well as at the end.
  • Network test to help diagnose signal issues,
  • Reset CheckedSafe (resets the application back to its original state),
  • Upload Log information (upload all information from the device to the CheckedSafe servers)
  • Help Section

New Back Office Features

  • Trend Report

    Generate a trend report for the fleet – which drivers are doing what, which vehicles have been checked, how long on average checks are, how many defects per check etc.

  • View Check Screen

    Images are now lined up against the check item they are associated with.

  • Vehicle Document Uploader

    Upload documents that are associated with a particular vehicle for instance, M.O.T, Insurance and service history.

  • User Document Uploader

    Upload documents that are associated with a particular user fro example, CPC, Training records and driving license.


Checkedsafe Vehicle Compliance App

Version 1.07

CheckedSafe have just launched their latest update to their award winning software.

Version 1.07 brings you further refinements at every level — subtle back office changes have been implemented such as

  • Auto login and log out for back office users
  • Ability to log “serviceable defects” and report back to drivers (via the App)
  • Better storage of images (with gallery view), which are now even larger.
  • Quicker recall of data
  • Full audit trail with date and time stamp at each stage of intervention by the back office user
  • Improved search and filter tools for defects and serviceable defects.
  • Security updates and patches
  • Minimum and maximum times taken for checks notification.

The user/drivers App has also changed. As indicated with the introduction of the serviceable defects concept drivers/users will be notified by the App when logging in to do a check whether there are any serviceable defects and what action has already been taken.

New Back Office Features

  • Auto Login/log out For App

    This makes it easier for drivers who cannot remember their password where they always use the same handset and prevents checks being done by the wrong driver if pool handsets are used.

  • Running Service Defect Traffic Light System

    Ability to now have a running service defect (amber) for roadworthy faults that are being resolved at a future date. The audit trail means that full reporting is maintained.

  • Advanced Driver Notifications

    Improved notifier on the drivers’ handset when they login, this ensures the driver is informed of any serviceable defect and the action taken and when.

  • Advanced Date And Time Stamp

    The Checkedsafe full audit trail has just got better with the advanced date and time stamp, which stamps at each stage of intervention by the back office user. This allows a full audit trail to be maintained.

  • Improved Search Tools

    Search quicker with our advanced search and filter tools allowing filtering of checks with defects, checks with serviceable defects and corrected checks.

  • View Check Gallery

    Better gallery type system to the admin user can see all pictures taken during the check in a gallery view.

  • Increased Image Sizes

    Making viewing images easier.

  • Security Updates

    All the latest patch and security release have been applied to maintain the integrity of the system and keep valuable data safe.

  • Performance Improvements.

    Server improvements to separate storage of images from the data to enable quicker recall of data and images where required.


How To Update

Simply visit either the Android or Apple store and download the latest version (1.07), follow the installation instructions and when finished login and your done.


Download for iOS and Android