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Daily Walkround, First User or Pre-Use Check

Mobile App Feature

Checkedsafe DVSA Vehicle compliance App digitises the vehicle defect card by allowing drivers to complete a driver daily walk around check/ first user check or Vehicle Pre-Use check from their smart phone. Historically, all previous checks had to be completed manually, which is time consuming and not to mention expensive. Our Vehicle compliance App is simply to use and all the checks are separated into Inspection categories for ease.

This allows the driver carrying out the inspection to speed up the process and submit the results in real time from the App. Drivers can also add detailed notes regarding faults and the actions they took to correct them. Once the check is finished, the report is sent and viewable on the Checkedsafe CMS (Compliance Management System).

Vehicle In-Service Check

Included With The Mobile App

The Vehicle In Service check is performed in the same way as the daily walk round check, first user check or Vehicle Pre Use Check however, it’s not always possible to check the whole of the vehicle due to its location. In this instance the driver does the normal check but clearly identifies the reason why he is unable to complete a full check. In this way a full audit trail and reasons for the partial check are maintained.
As legislation is changing regarding walk round checks, first user or vehicle defect cards, drivers must not rely on the first user check anymore and where ever possible undertake an vehicle In Service Check which can be:

  • Identifiable by “in service” rather that “Daily”.
  • Compare reports from the initial daily to driver changeover check.
  • Managers can determine and manage process based on the 2 reports.
  • DVSA guidelines are covered in terms of each driver checking the vehicle

Vehicle In-Service Defect

Included With The Mobile App

Unfortunately sometimes incidents occur during service. This is called a vehicle In Service Defect which could be a breakdown, traffic congestion and passenger incidents all of which can result in a delayed service and possible financial penalties. The In-service defect App allows the capture of contemporaneous data relating to the incident that can be immediately reported back to the designated responsible person

This report is useful for:

  • Providing evidence in relation to any defect
  • Providing evidence of the cause of the incident
  • Pinpointing the location of the incident
  • Providing data analysis of hot spots for incidents
  • Provides comfort for the driver and operator due to the contemporaneous reporting of issues

Vehicle Accident Bump Card

Included With The Mobile App

The vehicle accident part of the App is similar to the old paper based “bump card”. However unlike the bump card the App collects the data contemporaneously including photographs, location, date and time (stamped) and details of all parties to the accident. As soon as the information is collected and submitted via the App the designated responsible person obtains all of the information captured by the driver moments ago at the accident scene.

This means a snapshot of the moment in time of when the accident occurred is preserved for as long as is required. On receipt of the report via the Checkedsafe CMS (Compliance Management System, the designated responsible person can either contact the driver whilst at the scene for further information or visit the scene themselves if appropriate.

The report can be sent to whoever the operator deems appropriate whether that be their own in house claims department or their insurance broker/ insurance underwriter.

Periodic Maintenance Inspections (PMI)

Included With The Mobile App

It is a requirement under your operating licence that regular preventative/ periodic maintenance inspections (PMI’s) or Safety Inspection (SI) are performed, you would not have been granted your Operators Licence without identifying how you would undertake these important inspections. A PMI is the time when the vehicle gets a full check and any defects are fixed to ensure the roadworthiness of the vehicle, this can be done internally or externally (with an agreement with an external provider) with CheckedSafe our PMI Check on the app can make that a paperless process keeping all you maintenance document with the daily defects in the cloud ready for access at any time.


CheckedSafe CMS

Compliance Management System

Once your transport company is set up on the Checkedsafe CMS, your transport managers will be given administration rights and will be able to access the CWM online portal 24/7,  which enables then to add, change or delete staff and HGV, PSV, LGV and private hire vehicles. You will be able to instantly see the Driver Daily Walkround Checks, First User Check or Vehicle Pre Use Check as well as Vehicle In-service Check, Vehicle In-service defect and the Accident report.

All data will be held for a minimum period that is in line with the current legal framework (currently 15 months but in reality we will hold the data for as long as required).

CheckedSafe Document Vault


All Your Documents In One Place!

Back Office Reporting System

Ever struggled to find a Mot Certificate, Service Record or Compliance documentation for a vehicle or even a Driving License, CPC or training record for one of your drivers? CheckedSafe clients don’t! Using CheckedSafe gives you access to your own “Document Digital Vault” here you can store all your data specific to a vehicle or asset and driver. Unlike paperwork which can be cumbersome, lost or even stolen, CheckedSafe Document Vault gives you access to any document on demand whether in or outside the office 24/7 using any Web Browser.

Key Benefits

Back Office Reporting System
  • CheckedSafe Document Vault enables your vehicle service, inspection and compliance records are safely and securely stored online.
  • All drivers and user licenses, certificates and training records in one place.
  • Access records instantly, no more lost paperwork.
  • Full audit trial of all activities and transactions.
  • Streamline operational processes.
  • Instant access online and on-demand 24/7 from any location.
  • Set important reminders and notifications for documents stored in the Vault so you never forget another document update date

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