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Vehicle Templates

We have an extensive library of vehicle check templates available for demonstration purposes, all of which can be tailored to suit your business.

Initially we add a couple of DVSA compliant templates to your checks, this will be based on your sector as will also add “In Service Defect Check” and the “Incident/Accident Bump Card”, this will give you an idea on how the checks work on the App. As the trial progresses we will contact you to see if we can tailor the templates more your towards personal requirements.

There are a core list of DVSA checks that are mandatory and can not be removed however, if you would like to include a check item to the template, simply let us know

Example Vehicle Templates

  • DVSA Rigid Check
  • DVSA Bus and Coach Check
  • DVSA Goods Vehicle Check
  • DVSA LGV Check
  • DVSA Truck with liquid/powder tanker

Plant and Equipment Templates

All our Plant and Equipment digital checks comply with the latest regulations:


HSE (Health And Safety Act 1974)

LOLER (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1999)

PUWER (Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998)

Checkedsafe Plant and Equipment templates can be tailored towards your requirements however, similar to the vehicle list there are a core group of checks that are mandatory and can not be removed therefore ensuring compliance.

Example Plant and Equipment Templates

  • DVSA Crane Check
  • HSE Forklift Pre-Use Check
  • MEWP Daily Check
  • Daily Kit Check
  • Digger and Excavator Check

Vehicle And Equipment Checks

Once your templates have been loaded, simply login, select the vehicle or equipment id and all the templates will be listed, enabling you can carry out your chosen check.


Too Many Checks? Don't Worry

Your company may need 20 templates to cover the fleet however, some of your drivers or employees may only need to check a specific vehicle type or piece of equipment.

You can allocate checks specific to a driver or employee so for example: your total fleet compliance requires 20 templates creating but John only uses 2 different types of vehicles.

Our check allocation system allows you to assign checks to a specific person so they will only see the templates they require to carry out their specific check.

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