How much is the Checkedsafe App?

Our Checkedsafe App is actually free and can be downloaded for Apple on iTunes and Google play for Android.  Once you have downloaded the App you will need to contact us so we can set up a demonstration username and password for you to access the app. You will also receive a 30 day trial of our Checkedsafe Transport Management Portal, this is the reporting element of the Checkedsafe App which receives all the data from your mobile device (s) and creates detailed reports based on your driver’s findings. There is a weekly fee per vehicle after the 30 day trial expires which our customer service team will be happy to go through with you, surprisingly it is less expensive than conventional paper reporting. Not for you! That’s fine, your trial will simply end and you won’t be charged, we don’t ask for any payment details whilst you are trialing the App so you have nothing to lose.

Our Driver’s don’t have smart phones.

Although Checkedsafe is predominantly a compliance software company we have negotiated with some of the leading mobile phone companies to bring you the Checkedsafe bundle package, a smart phone and the Checkedsafe App for one low monthly fee (subject to contract).

Defect books are inexpensive, so how can we save money?

We agree, defect books aren’t expensive at all, the real cost is in the time spent collecting, storing and inputting the data into a computer. A paper defect book is labour intensive, not easily collated, requires double handling as well as lacking analysis and not to mention difficult to defend. In actual fact, we recently met with a transport company who stated that the Checkedsafe App was 90% cheaper than their current method of paper reporting

Where do the daily walk around checks go to?

All the information recorded on the Checkedsafe App is sent in real time (data connection required) to your Transport Manager or designated responsible person, This will show all driver vehicle checks recorded and more importantly identify failed vehicles, which your Transport manager or designated responsible person to act on. This same report can also be sent to the maintenance department for the ordering of parts and arranging the mechanics schedule.

Which industry is Checkedsafe for?

Checkedsafe uses different templates for daily walk around checks for HGV, PSV, LGV, taxi’s, Emergency services and fleet hire, all based on DVSA guidelines and legal compliance, if there are any changes in legislation or to the DVSA compliance guidelines, your template will be automatically updated to reflect these changes. It can be used for absolutely any vehicle.

Can the Checkedsafe template be tailored to my needs?

Yes, we can change elements of the template to suit your needs, we can add items to check and personalise it however, and we can’t remove any of the DVSA compliance checks.

Is Checkedsafe just for Daily walk around Checks?

No, the “Driver Daily Walk Around Check” is just one element of the App, you can use “In Service Defect” to record defects as they happen, the “In Service Check” for shift changes in the same vehicle and the “Accident Report” for reporting any accident that would not be classed as a defect all for one low fee. See CheckedSafe Inclusive Features for more info

Can the Checkedsafe App be integrated into our current system?

Yes, please contact us for full details

What if one of my drivers is stopped by the DVSA or Police?

Checkedsafe retains the full Daily Walkaround Check report for your vehicle, which is date stamped and CANNOT be manipulated so your driver can simply display via their handheld a chronological list of events for that vehicle, this is similar to the paper version but in real time and without the hassle of paper shuffling.

Can CheckedSafe help me with a Public Inquiry?

Yes, if your public inquiry is relating to poor maintenance and driver walk around checks (paper checks) , we believe that if you can demonstrate to the Traffic Commissioner that you are employing new methods of reporting by using Checkedsafe which complies with the latest DVSA guidelines and legal compliance as opposed to your current methods, this should be enough to convince them that no sanctions are required. It also gives you contemporaneous data that is secure and NOT maniputable

Are Checkedsafe just another App company?

No not at all, unlike other daily walk around App companies out there, we don’t build App’s for a living in the hope that one of them will take off. Our directors are from the transport industry and legal profession, who developed Checkedsafe with their experience of the issues surrounding the industry relating to daily walk round checks and compliance issues. They wanted a simple but effective solution to eradicate the issue of either non compliance or partial compliance with the legislation. The Checkedsafe App was developed from both an experienced operators point of view with detailed knowledge of the problems and a legal prospective as opposed to a speculative add on afterthought to an existing software platform as so many of our competitors seem to do.

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