CheckedSafe CMS

Version No 1.2.13-Automatically updated

What's New In App Version 1.16 and CMS V1.2.13

Instant Notifications

Version 1.2.13

With the latest release of the CheckedSafe Vehicle Compliance App and Compliance Management System, all Transport/Line managers can now send an instant notification to the driver or user.

From the CMS, navigate to  “Team” view the team member and enter a message that you wish to send to the driver/user.

This function allows you to ask the driver/user to carry out a check, complete a different check or enter missing information.

How It Works?

Drivers will need to be using the latest version of the CheckedSafe App and will have to remain “logged In” to the CheckedSafe App to receive to ‘Instant Notifications”. If the driver/user has logged out, the message will be stored until they next login.


Registered and Unregistered Asset Checks

  • Registered Asset

    Registered assets are vehicles or assets that are already stored in the CheckedSafe CMS, you can add new ones very simply by going to the “Vehicle” field and pressing “Add or Edit”

  • Un Registered Assets

    From time to time you may need to use short term hire vehicles and unless you add them to the CMS before a driver carries out a check, you will need to carry out a “Manual Check”. This allows you to carry out a check on a non populated vehicle or asset.

  • Vehicle/Asset Assignment

    If a check is carried out on an unregistered vehicle or asset, you can manually assign the registration number by viewing the check and selecting a registration/asset number from the drop down box.

  • Disable Manual Checks

    Previously, some drivers have carried out checks by using the “Manual” button, this can now be disabled by driver or depot and ensures that the driver can only carry out a check on a pre-populated vehicle or asset.

Multiple Service Notes

Version 1.2.13

In addition to marking a vehicle or asset “Serviceable” or “Clear” of defects, we have now added a “Notes” section.

Adding a Note to a vehicle or asset enables the transport, line manager or engineer to add comments or remarks about that particular check.

All data is date and time stamped so you see what was checked, when and by whom.


Previous Updates

Checkedsafe Vehicle Compliance App

Version 1.09

CheckedSafe have just launched their latest update to their award winning software.

Version 1.09 includes more subtle changes to both the Checkedsafe Mobile App and the Checkedsafe CMS (Compliance Management System) such as:

Enforce entry (when on the mobile app, checks can be configured to enforce a value to be entered before moving to the next page)
Image at fail – It is now possible to add an image on the item that has failed as well as at the end.
  • Network test to help diagnose signal issues,
  • Reset CheckedSafe (resets the application back to its original state),
  • Upload Log information (upload all information from the device to the CheckedSafe servers)
  • Help Section

New Back Office Features

  • Trend Report

    Generate a trend report for the fleet – which drivers are doing what, which vehicles have been checked, how long on average checks are, how many defects per check etc.

  • View Check Screen

    Images are now lined up against the check item they are associated with.

  • Vehicle Document Uploader

    Upload documents that are associated with a particular vehicle for instance, M.O.T, Insurance and service history.

  • User Document Uploader

    Upload documents that are associated with a particular user fro example, CPC, Training records and driving license.


Checkedsafe Vehicle Compliance App

Version 1.07

CheckedSafe have just launched their latest update to their award winning software.

Version 1.07 brings you further refinements at every level — subtle back office changes have been implemented such as

  • Auto login and log out for back office users
  • Ability to log “serviceable defects” and report back to drivers (via the App)
  • Better storage of images (with gallery view), which are now even larger.
  • Quicker recall of data
  • Full audit trail with date and time stamp at each stage of intervention by the back office user
  • Improved search and filter tools for defects and serviceable defects.
  • Security updates and patches
  • Minimum and maximum times taken for checks notification.

The user/drivers App has also changed. As indicated with the introduction of the serviceable defects concept drivers/users will be notified by the App when logging in to do a check whether there are any serviceable defects and what action has already been taken.

New Back Office Features

  • Auto Login/log out For App

    This makes it easier for drivers who cannot remember their password where they always use the same handset and prevents checks being done by the wrong driver if pool handsets are used.

  • Running Service Defect Traffic Light System

    Ability to now have a running service defect (amber) for roadworthy faults that are being resolved at a future date. The audit trail means that full reporting is maintained.

  • Advanced Driver Notifications

    Improved notifier on the drivers’ handset when they login, this ensures the driver is informed of any serviceable defect and the action taken and when.

  • Advanced Date And Time Stamp

    The Checkedsafe full audit trail has just got better with the advanced date and time stamp, which stamps at each stage of intervention by the back office user. This allows a full audit trail to be maintained.

  • Improved Search Tools

    Search quicker with our advanced search and filter tools allowing filtering of checks with defects, checks with serviceable defects and corrected checks.

  • View Check Gallery

    Better gallery type system to the admin user can see all pictures taken during the check in a gallery view.

  • Increased Image Sizes

    Making viewing images easier.

  • Security Updates

    All the latest patch and security release have been applied to maintain the integrity of the system and keep valuable data safe.

  • Performance Improvements.

    Server improvements to separate storage of images from the data to enable quicker recall of data and images where required.


How To Update

Simply visit either the Android or Apple store and download the latest version (1.07), follow the installation instructions and when finished login and your done.


Download for iOS and Android